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Three Things Thursday: 1st Week of School Edition

1. So this is officially the first full week back to classes of this academic year. And, while I’m no longer taking classes, I am still helping to teach them. So, we’re out of summer and back to the busy season. While I really like my job as a teaching assistant, sometimes I wish I could only focus on my research. This quarter I am teaching students in the machine shop on campus so nobody cuts of their finger. Kids: Don’t Touch Spinning Things!

2. A great benefit of school being back in session though is lots of friends are around and we can go out to lunch. Yesterday, I had a delicious lunch with a friend, and then we got cupcakes for dessert. Everyone do yourself a favor, and try Let Them Eat Cake. I had a Chocolate Stout cupcake with chocolate frosting. YUM!

3. Earlier this week we had a hot streak of days in the high 90s, but it looks like it is going to cool down for the weekend. I’m so so glad because I think this will really help during Sunday’s race. Really looking forward to nice race morning temperatures.

A Challenge

This weekend I went away for a department retreat. We have a bunch of new students who just started the program, so I think it was a great way for them to get to know each other as well as some of the older students.

I was able to squeeze in a short jog on Saturday AM — 3.5 miles with my friend Matt. We decided running at 5000 ft elevation is definitely harder than running at ~200 ft like in Sacramento! I don’t have a photo, but it was a beautiful morning and the crisp air in the mountains was wonderful!

My favorite part of the weekend were the challenge courses that were run by the camp staff. We were split up into groups to work on team building, communication, and just general getting to know each other activities. Saturday’s activities were used to prepare us for the more challenging ones on Sunday. The goal is to push your boundaries and to literally challenge yourself either emotionally or physically.

The two high ropes activities we did on Sunday were climbing this awesome tower, and a two person “multi-vine” high wire walk. Check out these photos!

For me, these activities were awesome! You have to trust your teammates to support you, and trust the mechanics of the ropes and wires to be stable. I was able to make it up the “Giant’s Ladder” on the right side of the first photo. It was so exciting because the last rung was about 5.5′ apart — taller than me! The high multi-vine was 30 feet in the air. It was critical to work with your teammate to make it across.

I believe it is important to believe in yourself and push your limits. Try things you are afraid of and you just might surprise yourself…. whether that’s learning a new language, trying to cook when you don’t think you know how, or signing up & training for a new race distance.

Have you challenged yourself recently? Besides this physical challenge this weekend, for me starting this blog has been a challenge. Helps me to push my limits with writing and putting my thoughts on paper.

A Grizzly Weekend

The last few days have been busy since it is the start of the new school year. Yesterday I squeeked in a 3 mile run in the morning at a nice aerobic pace. I was hoping to run today, but it just didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll get in another shorter run tomorrow morning. Good thing it’s step-back week!

This weekend I’m going away for a department retreat. Should be fun to hang out with a bunch of friends in my department that I don’t get to really see very often. We’re going up to Grizzly Creek Ranch near Lake Tahoe. By the way… I love their logo! So cute, right?


Next weekend is my first Half of the fall season, as a warmup to the RnR LV Marathon — the Urban Cow Half Marathon. I’m getting SUPER excited about it because I’ve actually been doing pretty good with running often since I’m gearing up for the marathon, and because two of our friends will be running the relay. These friends haven’t done too many races yet, so Ry and I have been trying to keep them excited! I’ll talk more about my plans for this race later next week.

Anyone have weekend plans?

Fall race season seems to be coming into full swing around the country — who has races lined up? I’m doing a whole bunch of ’em.  3 half marathons (though a couple I’m planning on using as training runs), and a 20-miler!

Running to music

I don’t run with music. I’m not really sure why — probably because I would just get annoyed by cords, and would rather get lost in my own thoughts. I think a lot of people are surprised when I tell them I don’t listen to music on runs — especially on my long runs alone. Instead I try to amp myself up in the car on the way to the trail!!

This week is a step-back week for me, after 3 straight weeks of increasing my long run distance. Coincides with a good time because I have to go away this weekend for school. Then, the next two weeks I’m doing half marathons. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea to schedule so many races in the middle of marathon training! Guess I won’t be getting another actual long run in  for a while –oops!

Other randomness of the weekend — went to the Aftershock Energy Concert yesterday in Discovery park. Chavelle and Bush were super awesome!

Also, I ate a lot of delicious food this weekend. Checked out Sandra Dee’s BBQ on Friday night, and Pete’s Pizza & Brewhouse after my long run on Saturday nigh. So awesome!