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Some Random Things

Random stuff today… just go with it. 🙂

1. My ankle and leg are doing ok. Some days feel better than others. Sometimes it just feels tired. Today I am going to try going for a run with the hopes that it feels good this evening and tomorrow, and that I will be ready for a long run on Saturday or Sunday. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.

2. Today is the first day of the fall quarter. Every year it feels so weird to have the huge influx of students again after the quiet summer months on campus. However, I’m really loving the fall weather that is here at the moment. Riding my bike in the morning with a chilly wind in my face feels wonderful. I’m sure we will have a few more warms days at some point, but right now I’m loving the cooler ones.

3. Over the weekend, I went to Target and tried on this great hat. Happy early Thanksgiving! I didn’t buy it because it didn’t really stay on and it’s too early for Thanksgiving things!

4. I also wanted to announce the winner of my recent giveaway for an Endorphin Warrior bracelet! Congratulations to Riri, who wants a BELIEVE bracelet. I’ll be sending you an email soon!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will leave you with two funny videos I saw this week from Jimmy Fallon that have been going around, in case you haven’t seen them yet. Enjoy!

Lip sync competition:

Three Things Thursday

1. Yesterday I got a pedicure with a friend, and it was fabulous. My little piggies feel rejuvenated. I think they need to be rewarded every once in a while for putting them through the pounding of run training!

2. I’m still pretty pumped about how well the Urban Cow Half went last weekend. I know it wasn’t a PR, but I had been feeling a little unsure about how well my training would prepare me for a half marathon since so many of my runs were slow paced with a low heart rate.

3. The Nike Women’s Half is only a few more days away. Training has been tricky to fit in this week with a busy work schedule. I’m planning to get in some light yoga on Friday, another short run on Saturday morning to stay loose. I’m really looking forward to the weekend, as well as the race. Two friends are running a new distance for them. I get to see a girl friend I haven’t seen in almost 4 months! And Ryan and I will be relaxing in Napa on Sunday and Monday just for a little date getaway! Awesome.

Three Things Thursday: 1st Week of School Edition

1. So this is officially the first full week back to classes of this academic year. And, while I’m no longer taking classes, I am still helping to teach them. So, we’re out of summer and back to the busy season. While I really like my job as a teaching assistant, sometimes I wish I could only focus on my research. This quarter I am teaching students in the machine shop on campus so nobody cuts of their finger. Kids: Don’t Touch Spinning Things!

2. A great benefit of school being back in session though is lots of friends are around and we can go out to lunch. Yesterday, I had a delicious lunch with a friend, and then we got cupcakes for dessert. Everyone do yourself a favor, and try Let Them Eat Cake. I had a Chocolate Stout cupcake with chocolate frosting. YUM!

3. Earlier this week we had a hot streak of days in the high 90s, but it looks like it is going to cool down for the weekend. I’m so so glad because I think this will really help during Sunday’s race. Really looking forward to nice race morning temperatures.

Three Things Thursday

I’ve seen “Three Things Thursday” on a few other blogs, and I thought it might be a good way for you all to get to know me a little better as I’m getting into this whole new blog adventure. So… here goes!

1. I have “lax ligaments”, which has resulted in 3 surgeries. 2 on my knees, which I mentioned in this post, and one on my shoulder. The ACL surgeries on my knees were in 2000 and 2001. The shoulder surgery was in 2007.

{can’t believe I’m posting this photo, but here I am with the UltraSlingII. rocked that thing for 2 months straight!}

2. I have slowly moved my way across the country. I grew up in Rochester, NY and went to the University of Delaware for my undergrad. Then, I decided to continue my education and got my MS at the University of Minnesota. Today, I’m still in grad school at the University of California, Davis for my PhD. Where to next? Not really sure yet.

3. My husband and I were married in September 2009. We met in Delaware where we both played on the ultimate frisbee team (Go Sideshow Ultimate!) We didn’t start dating until just before I graduated, but the long-distance thing worked out for us. And we lived happily ever after.

{photo credit: FotoImpressions}

Have you ever had ACL or shoulder surgery? Even if yes, don’t let it stop you!!