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Favorite running outfits

I think everyone has ’em….their favorite running outfits. I mean, how can you not?!? You’re spending so many hours in an outfit that has to move with you (no chaffing, and not restricting!), and wick away sweat to help keep you from smelling too terrible later.

My favorite shorts are definitely these ones from Lululemon. I can’t find them on their website anymore so they might be discontinued. But I hope they come back so I can buy five more pairs. They have been really great with marathon training, because there are lots of spaces for storage, including a size zipper pocket and two waistband slots.

I’m also totally digging these Hana Run Shorts from Athleta. They are super light and are perfect for those hot summer days.

On top, I usually stick with tech t’s from races, or a tank. Although, I recently got this awesome new bright orange Reebok top that I’m loving. I wore it in both of my last two half marathons, it was super comfy, but bright and happy too.

My current favorite sports bra is from Moving Comfort, the Jubralee bra. It is really supportive and eliminates bounce. However, lately I have been getting some chafing from the band around the chest. I’m not sure if it is due to my heart rate monitor also touching the band, and moving it around, or if I’m not using a tight enough clasp. Any thoughts? I had to stop mid-run on Saturday to try to adjust it a bit because I was getting uncomfortable.

By the way, as I mentioned in this post, the Urban Cow Half was accidentally a bit too long by almost 2/3 of a mile for everyone in the first wave. The race management company felt so terrible about it they made 13.74 stickers, and gave everyone in that wave a $10 discount for next year’s race. Way to make light of the situation! I give this company major props for doing their best to remedy the situation. My friends and I didn’t mind so much about the extra distance, but I know there were definitely people out there who were upset.

What are your favorite running outfits?

Keeping my hair back

Workout last night:
Ran on Treadmill
5.0 miles / 49 mins
1.0 incline

Did a treadmill interval workout. After a warmup, completed 1 x 400m, 4 x 800m @ 8:34/mi, then cooldown. I was going to do a couple more intervals, but Ry was done with his workout so it was time to go.

What I wore:

Please don’t mind the messy office/guest room behind me. Also, note to self — get a better full length mirror!

These awesome shorts from Athleta. Seriously so comfortable and lightweight. And a black tank I purchased at Bob’s Stores a few years ago. And my Brooks Ravenna2 shoes, of course (sorry you can’t see them in my photo)!

My hair was going a bit crazy in the middle of the run, so I think it’s time to invest in some kind of hair band. Outside I’ve been wearing a visor on my runs, and that helps, but seems weird to wear one at the gym. Skinnyrunner says she loves BIC Bands — maybe I’ll try one of those.

I SOOO needed a good workout last night. Stuff at work has been a little overwhelming / annoying / stressful lately so I was feeling restless and stressed. I think getting a good sweat in really helped. Then I had a glass of red wine and chocolate after dinner. Yum.

Anyone else have a headband they recommend?

What helps you the most after a stressful day?