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February Goals

Wow — I seriously don’t know where this week has gone! Or this month — can’t believe it’s almost February! January really flew by for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I have been getting used to a new schedule this month or what, but seriously — where has the time gone this month??!

January Goals
Get back on the running schedule – start training for March half marathon. Fit in my long runs — made it up to 11 miles for longest run this month. I’d like to get to maybe 15 before the Shamrock’n Half.
Do speedwork once a week in running. Did not do well with speedwork at all this month. I probably only did one day of speedwork. So, this is staying in my goals list for February. Instead — I did a lot of plyometrics workouts (via P90x)
Try to get to the pool at least 3 times this month: Actually did GREAT with swimming. Went once a week, and have more swimming on tap for February. I have really been enjoying this.
Finalize your spring race schedule. I think my schedule is pretty firmed up. Lots of races scheduled! Check it out here.

February Goals
Do speedwork once per week in running
Try out running one day per week over lunch
Keep doing core, hip and glute strengthening exercises — at least twice per week
Stretch for a few minutes every day
Focus on posture during the day (stop hunching over at the computer)

I told TorontoRunner that I wore a super bright workout shirt this week like she did last week (yep, on just a regular day too, not even for working out) and she asked me to post it. So, here it is:

Need your sunglasses for that one? Loving the neon pink! 🙂 I wore it with a sweet chevron BIC band — but unfortunately didn’t get it in the photo. Next time for sure.

I’m so sore today from my P90x workouts this week! Had to do two days in a row rather than every other day because Ryan and I were tired from our bike ride this Sunday. Oops! At least we are listening to our bodies, right? I’ll be giving you an update on my first month of the workouts soon — keep an eye out for that.  

November Goals

This week has been pretty light in terms of workouts. Since I was away last week, I have to make up some time in my TA position, so that meant an extra day of working late. Add on Halloween, where the kids start coming around for candy at 6pm (our usual gym time), and we’re down pretty low in the exercise front.

Luckily it is a step back week, and my body felt pretty tired after last weekend’s long run, so I’m trying to fit in a lot of stretching in the time I do have.

For October, I was able to meet most of my monthly goals. I am super proud of myself for actually doing 2 runs at 20+ miles. It makes me feel so much more ready for the Rock & Roll Las Vegas marathon. We are now one month away! Crazy! I am really starting to get excited, and more confident. I now am feeling like I could complete the distance, but I’m still unsure of how long it will take me.

October Goals
Really enjoy the Nike Women’s Half Marathon experience. Try carrying a camera to take photos! Had a ton of fun with this race, but couldn’t figure out the camera thing. Thankfully Ry was around to take photos! See more here.
Get in a 20-miler by the end of the month Actually did 2 runs at 20+ miles! Here & Here.
Go on an trip with Ryan to Napa I knew this would be happening, and it was awesome. Such a great weekend!
Put a focus on networking on your Dallas trip. Get business cards! Bring your resume! I went. I saw. I conquered.
Do yoga once a week. Make it a priority in your schedule with new school year starting. The yoga was definitely more difficult to fit in this month, but I think I did do it — even on the travel week.

November Goals
Run a strong, evenly paced 20 miler

Eat healthy through Thanksgiving in prep for marathon
Make a good salad at least once a week for lunch (I’ve been lazy and need to gt back on track with this)
Keep up with the yoga — it has been helping stay balanced!
Enjoy your fun upcoming events with friends.