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Happy New Year!

Phew…the last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind. I am finally back in sunny California and settling back in at home, and gearing up for 2013.

My holidays with family were full of love and gratitude for being surrounded with such wonderful people. Unfortunately, we also had a few sad times too with the shooting of firemen in my hometown, and a stomach bug that affected most of my husband’s family. I am so thankful to have  happy and loving family and friends and for the joy and laughter they bring to my life. I’m also thankful for my health and the ability to move my body every day. I’m also proud to be from a hometown that respects those who serve their community, and who band together in times of sorrow to comfort and strengthen those who grieve.

As I ring in the New Year, I want you all to know I appreciate you reading my blog and helping me get started in documenting my training and life. Thank you! Please take a moment to be grateful for what you have, and tell those you love that you care about them. Make the most of this life you are given and cherish every moment.

Now that I’m back at home, I’ll be back to more consistent posting. I have a few things in the works and still need to recap my goals for December and write out my list for January. I had an amazing year in 2012, and am truly looking forward to all that 2013 will bring.

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with happiness and love, and many miles under your feet.

10 Things About Me

I figured since I have mostly been writing about running, and am still new to the blogging world, that you might want to know a few things about me. So, here are 10 random things about me.

1. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. It is only enhanced by pairing with peanut butter. But generally I don’t say no to most desserts.

2. I am still in school — working on my graduate degree. My undergrad was at the University of Delaware, and I attended the University of Minnesota for my Master’s degree. I’m now at the University of California Davis. Yes — I have moved a lot.

3. I grew up in Webster, NY. The thing I miss the most about being in CA is spending lots of time with my family and friends! I also miss all the leaves being so many colors in the fall– although my street is pretty nice.

4. I love beer and wine tasting. I’m spoiled for living in Northern CA with lots of both to choose from.

5. I got married to my husband Ryan in September 2009. He is wonderful and I am so thankful everyday that we are together. 🙂

6. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because everyone gets together to celebrate being thankful for what they have. And eating tasty food. Stuffing is my favorite side dish. Now that I can’t as easily be with my family on Thanksgiving, I also love Christmas because I get to spend time with them. And Ryan’s gets so excited about Christmas, so that also makes it fun.

7. Besides exercising, I love photography. I have mostly used iPhone photos so far on the blog, but hopefully I will get better at bringing out my nicer camera on a regular basis to take some of the photos with that too.

This was actually taken on the iPhone too…but maybe at some point I’ll show you guys some others of my favorites.

8. I’m not usually very good at taking photos of myself, but this is probably the best one I’ve ever taken. I actually really like it.

9. Ryan and I like to do some homebrewing. It is awesome to make a tasty beer yourself, and then be able to share it with friends.

10. I love traveling, and always look forward to seeing new places, whether within the US or outside it. Road trips are SO much fun!

Tell me something about yourself!