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Starting the journey

Yep, I’m starting a blog. I figure, I read enough of them so I might as well put myself out there too.

Who Am I?

I’m Kristen. I’m a 20-something girl who loves to exercise, trying to eat right (except for the occasional chocolatey snack), and defying my limitations. I’m a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering, so I’m also a bit of a nerd. I always want to learn more about how the body works, and enjoy reading as much as I can about health and fitness topics.

Besides working out, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Ryan, and our friends, imagining how I will DIY my house someday, and checking out the local hot spots.

My Active Lifestyle
Growing up, I was always interested in playing sports — mostly soccer and gymnastics — but I also competed in high school track to keep active during the soccer off season. When I was in 10th grade, I tore my ACL at an indoor soccer tournament. It took almost 2 months before I had surgery, where I found out I also tore my meniscus and had to be on crutches for 7 weeks! I worked so so hard to be able to get back to full soccer shape for my senior year… got a trainer, weight lifted, strengthened all my muscles. My first real game back — I tore my other ACL!! Complete devastation.

I made myself bounce back and fully enjoyed track in the spring, and started playing ultimate frisbee when I went to college. I have always been cautious of my knees, and how they will react to running, or playing sports since those high school injuries. After moving to California for grad school, and not having any more college eligibility, I started running and going to the gym more to stay in shape. After Ryan completed his first half marathon in 2010, I was motivated to try pushing my own runs past the 2 or 3-mile mark, but was very nervous about how it would go.

I completed my first 5k in October 2010, 10k in February 2011, and half marathon in March 2011. Since then I have completed another 5k, and 10k, 4 half marathons, a sprint triathlon, and two 100-mile bike rides! I am so proud of myself for pushing myself and not letting my past injuries take control of my life.

I’m on my way to training for my first marathon, so I hope you will join me on this exciting journey!