Boston Recap! What’s next?

Yet again, its been far too long between posts. I want to write an update from the Boston Marathon. And hopefully soon you’ll see another post from me with a recap of my recent triathlon at Best in the West in mid-September. I’m starting to feel ready to get back into blogging, so I hope to just jump right back in.


The last post you saw was right before I ran Boston. I did in fact run the race, but I have to admit it did not go quite as I had planned. I ended up getting a cold right as I arrived in Boston. I tried to rest as much as possible in the days before the race and take some medications to feel good enough to run. The morning of the marathon I was feeling better, but definitely not 100%.


The morning was warm at the start and I tried to hide in the shade in the staging area. It was so thrilling to finally be there. I couldn’t believe how many people were everywhere– running the race, spectating! I was soaking in every moment. I was actually there running the Boston Marathon!! Something I never thought I would get to do!

The first few miles of the race are mostly downhill. I knew from other people that I needed to take these miles incredibly easy so I didn’t burn out later in the race. The miles absolutely flew by. I was cruising along and feeling good for about 8-9 miles. But then things started to turn for the worse. The cold that I had been fighting reared it’s ugly head. I struggled to breathe and the only way I could settle down my breathing was to walk. It was incredibly frustrating because my legs were feeling so good!

I continued to focus on running when I could and walking when I had to in order to breathe. I kept thinking about when I would see my family and friends out to cheer me (totally what kept me going!!). This was the hardest race I had ever run. It felt like all I could do to keep moving forward at times. You know it’s rough when you start counting down the miles remaining at mile 10. I did my best to continue to enjoy being in the moment and taking in the crowds. It is seriously incredible to have such a huge number of supporters for an ENTIRE 26.2 miles. Staying positive and in the moment was critical to getting through those tough steps.

I ran as hard as I could… even when it hurt. I cried tears of pain, joy and relief as I pushed myself through the last half mile. I finally crossed the finish line in 4:40. My slowest marathon to date.


To be completely honest, I was kind of disappointed in how everything went for a while. I know that I was trained for a better race. I was sad that my great post-partum training didn’t culminate in a great race as well.

Now though, I’m proud of my fight…of putting it all out on the course. I’m thankful that I was able to work hard and qualify for Boston, that I was able to go through a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and train for running Boston with my little guy with me along the way, that I was able to finish the Boston Marathon at only seven months post-partum. I’m also thankful for everyone who helped me get there. I think not having this race go as planned has fueled the fire to try to get back to Boston some day. In the end, I think I did do what I set out to do — run for the joy of running, and put everything I had that day out on the streets of Boston.


For now though, it’s time to turn to a different chapter. I’m focusing this year on triathlon training. My next big adventure is training for my first IRONMAN! Ryan and I will be taking on Ironman Canada on July 30, 2017. I hope you’ll follow along as I continue on this journey!

6 thoughts on “Boston Recap! What’s next?

  1. FitnessFatale

    So glad you’ll be blogging more ! Congrats on your race – be proud ! I know it’s hard running postpartum and comparing yourself to your former self and others who are coming back from pregnancy (and we all do it). The fact that you even finished a marathon so soon after having a baby is amazing!

    Can’t wait to hear about Ironman training !!!

  2. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    Awesome!!! You will definitely go back!! I can’t believe you got sick!!! Dang!! But you did it when you could have quit!!! 🙂 (I feel your pain though when you train so hard for something and really want to have the race of your life…and you don’t..totally sucks)
    Excited you are going to do Whistler!! Its brutal but great!! I’m doing an IM about 3 weeks after yours so maybe we can hook up for some training rides! 😉

  3. Heather

    Girl you should be so proud of yourself! A) you got to Boston, B) you trained RIGHT AFTER HAVING A BABY! C) you finished and D) you can’t help a cold. Ironman training huh?! YOU GO GIRL!

    1. Kristen L Post author

      Thanks girl! I am proud of myself… just took me a bit to get over the initial disappointment, you know?! Always moving forward and enjoying the journey.


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