My Return to Running

After over six weeks without exercise, except for walking and carrying my heavy baby, I was finally cleared to do whatever I wanted at my post partum followup appointment. The day after my appointment, I went out for my first run in about seven weeks. And remember, at that time it was much more of a walk than a run anyway (see third trimester recap!).

I was definitely itching to get back out on the pavement, especially because I decided to sign up for (and made the cut off for!) the Boston Marathon in April. I’m excited to have a race on the schedule!

My first run back was definitely not easy. I had been going for walks and increasing mileage and pace since I returned home from the hospital. But let me tell you, recovery from a c-section is not easy either. The first day I got home, I could barely make it up the stairs, and walking across the house was a big effort. My first walk outside was only down the street and back, and included stopping twice for rest breaks! But over time I was able to go further and faster, push the stroller or carry Trevor, and also bring our dog along.

Back to the running though — while I was pushing Trevor in the stroller, I probably only ran a total of 1.5 miles of my 3.75 mile “run”. And it wasn’t all at once. I took several breaks to walk with my longest stretch of continuous running being about 0.5 miles. My pace ranged from about 11-12 minutes/mile. Yes, it was hard and I felt awkward — my gait felt different and I felt sluggish, and pushing the stroller made it a little more difficult. But it felt amazing to sweat again and actually have my heart rate up!

Afterward I felt good and tired. My legs practically felt like I ran a long run — time to slowly build the endurance back up! I was most sore/tired in my glutes and hamstrings. Since then I have been trying to get out for a run every couple days. I have been improving quickly, and am up to a continuous 4.5 miles at about a 10 minute/mile pace.While that’ a far cry from where I was a year ago, I know I will continue to improve every day.

I’m also working on doing some stretching and strengthening exercises during naps whenever possible, and working in cross training with biking and hopefully soon some swimming. I want to make sure that I keep taking things slow and building a good base before really getting into long runs. I hope to avoid any major setbacks! I’d love to be ready for a triathlon or two in 2016 as well!

Have you ever had to work back up in your running/fitness after a long time off? How long did it take you?

7 thoughts on “My Return to Running

  1. FitnessFatale

    The first run is so weird but I’ve also noticed improvement already. And it’s pretty funny how happy I was to have a run in the 10 min mile range ! How things change! But it’s kind of fun to see the progress even if it’s no where near old paces right?

    I must admit I’m glad to hear you’re running with the stroller because I keep thinking about it (I don’t see how it’s any different running on smooth concrete than the super bumpy trail I walk with her on) but haven’t done it yet … I’m thinking maybe trying it next week.i think the guidelines on stroller running are super conservative to save the stroller companies butts if something were to go wrong!

  2. Heather @

    So excited for you to get back to running! I can’t even imagine how weird it’s going to be. Your progress is great. Boston is one of the best “comeback” races you could do! Which running stroller do you have? Im debating between a Thule and BOB

  3. erin

    So great to hear you’re getting back at it! One step at a time – you’ll be back faster than ever before you know it 🙂 Super exciting to have Boston on the schedule!

  4. Kristen

    I don’t know what it is like to bounce back after a c-section, but I’ve heard it can be hard. You are doing awesome, momma!

    I can’t believe your first run back was while pushing Trevor in the stroller. I did a little trot down the street with Axel during a walk to see what running would be like and it was not easy. Talk about a good core workout.

    That’s great that you are being patient and taking your time with the mileage and speed. I have been doing the same and it is paying off. It’s fun to see daily/weekly improvement. I use it as motivation to keep working hard. ☺

    P.S. I wish I was joining you in Boston this year!

  5. Ellen @

    I’ll be taking it fairly easy this week to give my legs some rest before my race. I’m so excited for my first race of 2016, even though goals have been adjusted. I’ll also be spending some time with Jasyoga, as usual, to keep my body and mind balanced.


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