Trevor has arrived! / Third trimester Update

I was in the middle of writing this third trimester update, when Trevor arrived nearly two weeks early on September 19! It’s already been a month since he was born — crazy! I have so many things to share including his birth story, and maternity & newborn photos, but I wanted to share this update that I was writing 1.5 months ago first. Looking forward to sharing all the other details soon (for real, the posts are already almost written, and sometimes Trevor lets me put him down long enough to have a little time on the computer. Haha!) So, here it goes… all about the third trimester — with a few little updates on changes in the last few weeks after I wrote this post.



Note: this was written in late August!

Amazingly we have already made it halfway through the third trimester. The weeks have still been flying by, which is kind of great since I haven’t been thinking way too much about just wanting our little guy to be here (although I am getting more and more excited about it).

Weight gain: As of my last doctors appointment I was up about 23 lbs. (On the day I went into labor, I had gained a total of about 28 lbs.)
Sleep: Good sleep has been getting more and more difficult. I usually sleep really well for the first 5 hours, but then once I get up to use the bathroom, I often feel really awake and toss back and forth a bunch of times.
Symptoms: My belly button has officially popped. I have some itchy skin sometimes, but it seems to depend on the day/week. Probably whenever baby boy is having a growth spurt! He moves and wiggles all the time — and sometimes I have felt like I’m getting bruised from the inside where he always kicks his feet. Starting at my 30 week appointment, he was facing head down, and I’m hoping that trend continues! (It did! He was head down all the way to the end!)
Exercise: In the last couple weeks running has been getting more difficult. I did do a 6 mile run at about 29 weeks, but since then nearly every run has been 3-4 miles. More recently, they have also included lots of walk breaks. Some days are better than others, so I just play it by ear, and am happy that I can keep my body moving.
Besides running I have been doing a lot more swimming. It has been amazing to get in the water on hot days. I have been swimming at an easy pace, and sometimes I feel like I could just keep going forever. This also feels like a nice change from the tiredness I feel after running–swimming just feels more energizing.
(I ended up continuing to run/walk until 37 weeks for about 3 miles each time. The last couple weeks incorporated more and more walking. I also did a lot of swimming. It always felt SO good to swim as a low impact workout! I also just went on lots of walks with the pup after work.)
Eating: Still no major cravings or aversions. In my last update I mentioned I was starting to get some heartburn. It actually hasn’t been too bad recently, but I think sometimes chocolate does trigger it. Otherwise, I have been starting to get full way more quickly and am eating less at each meal. (Heartburn pretty much went away, and I didn’t have any major issues near the end of my pregnancy regarding eating.)
Missing: racing! (Still missing racing, but really looking forward to post partum exercise! Just a few more weeks until I can get back at it!)
Looking forward to: my baby shower, having the nursery finished (it’s getting there!!), and finally meeting our little one. We have been attending birthing classes, working on figuring out daycare, pediatricians. I’m excited for everything to just come together. One thing that I have been thinking a lot about is the time shortly after the birth where we can just enjoy being a family of 3 together. (Birthing classes went well, the nursery looks great and is being well used, and we were able to get everything together just in time for Trevor’s arrival. Phew!)


5 thoughts on “Trevor has arrived! / Third trimester Update

  1. Kristen

    Finally!!! An update from you. 🙂 Glad to hear the third trimester went well and that you were able to remain active and feel good until nearly the end. I can’t wait to hear about Trevor’s arrival and how life has been since becoming a mom!

    1. Kristen L

      I didn’t think I’d make it running that far into my pregnancy, but I’m glad I did. It helped to feel like I was doing something. At the end it was definitely much more walking than running. I felt like running more than 100m started to get tough! haha.


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