A New Kind of Training

Sorry I haven’t written recently, but we have been busy with some new and exciting things! Just before the new year, we got a puppy. Dakota is cute, smart, and loves running around the back yard! We aren’t taking her out on real runs with us yet. The vet suggested we wait until she is about a year old and her bones finish developing, to help prevent issues down the line. But I already know she will be a great running buddy! We have been going on a lot of walks now, and sometimes all she wants to do is RUN!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0331.Dakota, Ryan and I played on the beach in Newport, OR one day in January.

Otherwise, training has been pretty laid back this year. In early January I was getting back into the swing of workouts after a nice break post-CIM and the holidays. Then in mid-January we got some very exciting news that we are expecting another little running buddy in late September!!

I have been very thankful that I didn’t have to deal with first trimester nausea. I have actually found that exercising has actually increased my energy too, although the motivation to start a workout after work is not always there. 🙂 In general though, I have been trying to keep up the training that I love. It keeps me healthy, both mind and body, so I’m going to keep it going as long as possible. My doctor is in full support of me running and exercising, just at a moderate/conversational effort. I’ve been doing a couple days a week of running, then a couple of biking/spin. I’ve also been doing a little bit of yoga, and strength work, or just getting out for a walk with Dakota.

This weekend I’m actually going to be completing my first race with my little running buddy. I’ll be running the Corvallis half marathon. I don’t have any time goals for the race, just enjoy being out there with a lot of friends and other people in the community. I ran a bunch of my long runs on the trails. I have been loving running on the trails lately, because I am so much less concerned about pace, and just enjoying taking in the scenery. Plus, the trails around here are amazing, even in the winter.

image2Ryan, me and Matt ran to the top of Dimple Hill — one of my favorite views in Corvallis.

It’s finally really starting to sink in that we will be having a baby in our family in about 6 months. Crazy!! I’m excited for this next adventure. I hope to continue to be able to share with you about my experiences along the way. Hope you’ll follow along!

10 thoughts on “A New Kind of Training

  1. Kristen

    Ahhhhhhh, you finally shared on the blog!!! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you have been doing. That is three of us now that got pregnant right after CIM. There was definitely something in the water. ☺

    I didn’t have nausea either in the first trimester. It was mostly energy and mood that were affected – everything else was all good.

    What kind of dog is Dakota? I am hoping to get a puppy once we move into our new house, you know, because I want to prepare for sleepless nights and increased responsibilities before the baby is here.

    When is your due date? Are you going to find out the gender? I am guessing boy!

    1. Kristen L Post author

      I know — I can’t believe there are 3 of us that got pregnant after CIM either! Too funny.
      My mood has been pretty good, but defintiely some days of low energy. I’m always ready for bed at 8:30! Luckily exercise seems to help everything — the mood, the energy. My due date is September 25. We are planning to find out the gender, but still have to wait a few weeks!

      Dakota is a labradoodle. She isn’t going to be super big though — we’re expecting around 35 lbs. I had been wanting a puppy for a few years, and finally was able to convince Ryan. We didn’t get her until she was 4 months old, so we didn’t have too many sleepless nights, but she does like to get up early and somehow has continuous energy. 🙂 If you get a puppy, they’ll have to meet Dakota! So excited for you on moving to the new place!

  2. FitnessFatale

    Congrats! That CIM water was laced with fertility drugs or something … Haha! I felt the same way about exercise – it makes me feel better and normal! I’m glad you’ve been able to continue. Looking forward to reading along with your journey!


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