A very delayed recap: Folsom International Triathlon

I know I have kind of dropped out of the blog universe for a little while, but life has been busy and keeping me on my toes. I have just lately been finding myself ready to get away from the computer in the evening lately. But I really want to get back to it, so here’s a very delayed recap from my triathlon that I raced the first weekend in June. Hopefully from now on my posts can be at least a little more regular than once every six weeks too. 🙂

In early June, I raced the Folsom International Triathlon. This was my second race at the distance, and also second time completing this course.


I started warming up for the swim with a few strokes in the water near a buoy where I thought the swim was starting. A few swimmers started coming in from the long course just before my swim wave started. A minute before my wave started, the race director said our swim start was down river a bit — almost nobody from my wave made it to the start on time. I tried to swim over, but didn’t make it before the horn went off. This got my heat rate really high and started me off on the race really worked up!

It took me a while to settle back down. I couldn’t get my three strokes per breath like I normally do in the pool. I felt so far behind (typical for me in the water though). I tried to just focus on moving forward and relaxing. I slowly started to pass a few other swimmers from my start wave. Even with the late start I got out of the water in 30:29.

After getting out of transition pretty quickly, I was excited to get on my bike. I was feeling good, although still behind from the swim. I was hoping I could pass a few women right away. I passed one, but didn’t see any more women until halfway through the ride when they were women from the older age groups. (Those chics are so speedy!!!) I was moving fast bit not pushing too hard. I kept reminding myself to eat and drink. It was going to be a hot day, so nutrition and hydration were super important! I was passed by one girl in my age group at around mile 21. Otherwise, I didn’t see anyone else. I finished my bike segment in 1:16:13.

Coming off the bike it was getting warm out. Race officials were trying to make sure everyone was staying hydrated. I switched to my running shoes as quickly as I could, grabbed my visor and bib and was off! I passed a couple women right away — one of which was the woman in my age group who passed me on the bike. The run course was an out and back with rolling hills mostly uphill on the way out and down on the way back. I was moving along pretty on pace for the first 2-2.5 miles but then was getting really hot. At the turn around I took a minute to walk and threw some water on my head. The rest of the way back I walked the water stations and just tried to keep moving on pace as much as possible. I was passed by the same woman from my age group again near the end of the run.  I had to take one more walking break in the last mile because I was really feeling overheated. I pushed it as much as I could into the finish.


My finish time was 12 minutes faster than on the same course last August for a time of 2:40:23. I also finished second in my age group! SWEET!!

What a great way to start off this year’s triathlon season! I spent the rest of the 108-degree day hanging out with friends in Sacramento!


5 thoughts on “A very delayed recap: Folsom International Triathlon

  1. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    Hells yeah!! Congrats!! I already new you were 2nd but it was fun reading the re-cap!! We should totally talk about next years races and see if we can do some of the same ones!! I hope you are enjoying the OR weather…..this has been an awesome summer so far!!


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