Triathlon training: Peak week

Last week was peak week for my triathlon training. 

Before I get to far…I guess I never updated you guys! I’m going to be doing the Folsom International Triathlon on June 8. This will be my second Olympic distance triathlon. My first was this same course last August. Read my recap here.

Anyway, back to last week. My goal was to get in at least 3 of each swim bike and run. I didn’t get in one of the bike days, but overall it was a strong week, and a great way to set the tone as I start my taper for the triathlon in two weeks. Here’s how it all went down:

Monday morning I did a swim of 2800 yds. It was a workout focused on distance speed, so after a warmup, I did 500 yds at race pace, followed by 500 yds at faster than race pace. I then repeated those 500s a second time.

After work Ryan and I went out for a 28 mile bike ride. It was so perfect out! And it stays light here so late, so it was easy to get in an evening ride.

image (1)

Tuesday is track day. This week’s workout was 3 x 1 mile at 6:55 pace. (Woo hoo! Sub-7!) I think I am still slowly but surely getting faster and more confident with my running.

Wednesday the goal was another double day with swim in the morning and bike in the evening. I fit in the swim (2250 yds easy), but skipped the bike for some time with Ryan while he was getting his bike worked on at the shop. Sometimes you just have to take a day and have some fun!

Thursday was another hard run day with 7 miles at tempo pace, and a total of 10.75 miles.

Friday’s swim included 8 x 100 yds for the main set. I tried to push the pace hard on those 100s! In the evening I decided to just take it easy and relax before Saturday’s big workout.

Saturday was a brick workout of 2 hours and 20 minutes on the bike followed by a 30 minute run. The wind slowed me down a little bit on the bike ride on my way home, but in general I felt pretty good. This is my long outdoor ride all year so far! After the bike, I had a great run — I was feeling strong! I kept to my goal run pace for almost 4 miles after biking further than race distance. This workout made me pretty excited to see what I can do on race day!

image (2)

Sunday rounded out the week with an easy hour run. My legs felt pretty dead for this workout, but it was a good way to finish the week.

In total my weekly mileage worked out to be:
7300 yds swimming
68 miles biking
28.85 miles running

Less than two weeks to go now, so I’m getting pretty excited!

How has your training been going?

6 thoughts on “Triathlon training: Peak week

  1. Emily

    What a strong training week! Sounds like you’re ready. I had a good training weekend too. My sprint tri is this Sunday so last week I really wanted to make sure I got in my two runs and two bikes (I’ve been struggling to get two of both in a given week – I’ve been doing a lot of Orienteering too). And I did it. Including a confidence boosting (i.e. fast) 8k “long” run. Just need to carry the stoke into the weekend!

  2. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    Looks like you are ready!! I hope you are loving all the new bike/run routes in your new city!! I can’t wait to see how the race goes!!! What other races are you doing this summer?
    Training has been good. I will be excited when the race is over though!!

  3. Kristen

    Finally, you let us all in on the secret triathlon you are doing. 🙂 It sounds like you are definitely ready for the Olympic distance and then some. Those views and roads look all too familiar. Glad to see some of the views from the bike! It looks beautiful over there and I agree that the long days are awesome for training! Hopefully it’s not too hot! 🙂


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