Blog Love: The Liebster Award!

I’ve bliebsterblogawardeen seeing this going around the blog world lately, and I finally have time to join in. Thanks to Lisa, Raechel, and Erin for nominating me — I had fun learning more about you through your responses! Starting my blog has been a fun experience and I am so thankful for all the incredible people I have met. I apologize for my delayed reaction on this since life has kept me busy lately… but I hope you enjoy reading! 🙂

Here’s a how it works: the nominator asks you 11 questions. You answer the questions, then nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions so the fun can continue!

Since I had a few nominators, I had a lot of questions. I’m going to try to answer a bunch of them but probably not all so this post doesn’t get too crazy long!

Why did you start blogging & How did you choose your blog name? I started blogging because I had read blogs for a long time and wanted to start writing too. I also thought it would be fun to document some of my training for my first marathon. I chose my blog name as something that sounded motivating but a little different than other blog names out there. Blog names are a tough choice!!

What is your favorite thing to write about? I mostly write about training for running and triathlon races. I love all workouts though!

What kind of workout makes you feel best after its over? I always feel so good after a track workout or a long run. Love the runner’s high after pushing myself!

What has been your proudest racing memory/moment? I think finishing my first half marathon was my proudest moment so far.

Why did you start running/triathlons? I started running after my husband ran his first race. It just seemed like such an amazing environment! Then I got into triathlon because I just always wanted to do one. And now I love it! It is fun to stay busy with multiple sports.

What is your A race or biggest fitness goal for 2014? At the moment, my big goal is to have a strong race at my June triathlon. (By the way, I decided on the Olympic distance race! Time to go for a PR!) I haven’t figured out race plans for later in the year yet.

What is your favorite race and why? My favorite race was the Shamrock’n half marathon. It is always so well organized with good spectators and volunteers. I haven’t done too many triathlons, but I have done the Tri for Fun sprint tri in Sacramento, CA a few times, and while especially the run can be hot, it is a really great triathlon for first timers!

If you could give your 16 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be? Do what makes you happy. Love without hesitation. Travel as much as you can. Keep dreaming big and smile every day.

Do you have any pets? If not, what would your ideal pet be? No pets now…. but I would some day love to get a dog! Maybe one that would want to go running with me!

Compression socks or sleeves? I have never tried compression sleeves, but I LOVE my compression socks! So comfy!

What is your favorite piece of running gear? With my recent move to Oregon, I have been loving my Oiselle Flyer jacket. It is so lightweight, but I love that it is water resistant! It has been perfect for the weather around here! I am also mildly obsessed with my Oiselle Roga shorts since I got them for Christmas. It has been a little chilly for shorts here recently, but this week it is supposed to warm up, and I’m ready to break them out!

Which race has had the best medal? I like so many of my race medals because they bring back memories of each specific race, so this was a tough choice for me. Right now, I think my favorite though is from the Outer Banks marathon 2013! I love the gold color and the ribbon is really nice and soft. The lighthouse reminds me of the ocean and the beautiful views.


What is your favorite leisure activity? Besides workout out?!?! I love reading. And going for a walk is always nice too.

What is your favorite dessert? Man, this is a tough question! I like all desserts. Some of my favorites include: Canoli’s, cheesecake, and dark chocolate.

Which vegetable do you hate eating? I like most veggies, but I really don’t like mushrooms or lima beans…do either of those even count as vegetables?!

What keeps you motivated? The fun of the sport usually keeps me motivated when I don’t have a race on the schedule. But if I do, then thinking about the excitement of race day and being proud of all the hard effort I’ve put into training at that point keeps me going!

What is your go-to dinner? Some of my go-to dinners are: salmon or steak with rice or sweet potatoes and veggies, or tacos.

Are you going to pass the torch and nominate other bloggers?!
YES! Definitely! I’m nominating:
1. Welcome to Karadise
2. GottaRunNow
3. Triathlete Treats
4. Run Write Hike
5. Run With Holly
6. Reason To Play
7. Samantha Cycles
8. I Am A Runner
9. Rowdy Running
10. Read Eat Write Run
11. Mountains & Miles

**note: if you’ve already received a Liebster, you don’t have to fill it out again! 🙂

My questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What was the inspiration for your blog & its name?
3. What is your “A” race or biggest goal for this year?
4. What is one of your most memorable race experiences?
5. What is your favorite post workout meal?
6. What is your favorite quote?
7. What is your favorite outfit in your closet?
8. What workout makes you feel the best when its over?
9.  What is your favorite way to celebrate a big race?
10. Do you prefer morning or evening workouts and why?
11. Are you going to pass the torch and nominate 11 other bloggers?!

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers (generally with the same number of followers, though it can be tough to tell; ideally less than 500).
  • Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know you nominated them.
  • Have fun spreading the blogging love!

4 thoughts on “Blog Love: The Liebster Award!

  1. Tina@GottaRunNow

    My Weimaraner loves to run with me. Now that she’s 9 and it’s getting warm out, she doesn’t run too far with me, but we’ve had a lot of good runs together. Thanks for the nomination!

  2. erin

    So fun! I love reading Liebster Award answers! Outer Banks would be a great marathon! And, that’s awesome you’re doing an Oly in June! Hope Oregon is treating you well 🙂

  3. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    It was fun reading your responses to these. I chuckled a bit when you mentioned your favorite running gear at the moment, as I have done several runs in the rain in Corvallis. Hopefully this week has been as nice over there as it is over here. Gorgeous spring/weather cannot be beat! Which tri are you signed up for in June?


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