Settling In

So I’m finally getting settled into my new place. I started my job last week, which was exciting! So far I am enjoying it and learning lots of new things.

Outside of work I have been settling into town and into a workout schedule (finally!) I joined a pool in town, and have gone swimming twice before work. It has worked out really well, and I think that will be something I continue to do. It is SO nice to feel accomplished with a workout before even getting in to work in the morning!

I have also been doing some exploring by running around my neighborhood. This week the weather is supposed to be awesome, so I expect much more exploration to be had! 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting out on the bike soon too!


This weekend I volunteered for a local triathlon, the Beaver Freezer, hosted by the Oregon State University triathlon club. I directed the bikes out of transition. It was really fun!! This race had 10 waves because it was a pool swim, so there was a lot of activity for a long time in the transition area. So interesting to be on the other side of it rather than competing!

Another exciting piece of news is that I finally signed up for my first race of 2014! I’ll be completing the Hippie Chic half marathon (part of the Better Series races) on May 10th. I may be a bit undertrained, but I’m thinking having a race actually on the schedule will help me to focus for the next month.

Hippie Chick 14 LogoTrans200

I’ve been trying to focus on some triathlon specific training for the last few weeks, with the potential of an early June race. Initially I had been thinking a half iron distance, but I am now thinking maybe the olympic would be a better choice based on my training lately. It could be fun to see how much better I can be than last year on the same course. I’m still wavering a bit though, but hopefully I can decide in the next week or so and officially sign up!

Sorry this post was a little all over the place, but I felt like I had so much to catch up on with you!

When is your next race?
Have you volunteered for a race? Did you have fun??

7 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Heather @

    OK, so this isn’t going to be much help since I argue both sides, but I think you should do the Olympic because it’s always awesome to compete against yourself and get a PR, but I think the half Ironman because well, go big or go home 😉 Glad you’re finally settling in! Great running selfie… I can never pull those off, haha

  2. Kristen

    I love hearing that you are getting settled and feeling at home. I can’t believe you already joined a pool! There are several great places to ride out in the country south of town, between Corvallis and Eugene. The farmland is gorgeous. You should also look into the Pacific Crest Triathlon in June.

  3. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    Great to hear that you are settling in!! Have you been to American Dream Pizza yet?? I can’t wait to hear more about your biking and running.
    I think that you should do Blue Lake Oly. The 2nd weekend in June!! I will be there. Just saying!! It is just outside of Portland!
    Hippie Chick is a great race! Glad you finally got something on the books!!!
    Beaver Freezer was my first ever triathlon!!! I am so glad that you found out about it because I meant to mention it to you!! 🙂

  4. erin

    So glad to hear you’re settling in nicely! Looks like it already is starting to feel like home 🙂

    I volunteered at IMWI last year… was an absolute blast! Awesome you have a half mary on the calendar… sounds like a fun one!

  5. Lisa

    I want to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check it out on my most recent blog post. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!! If you don’t have time no worries!!


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