Looks like I’m still on the minimal blogging for a bit, but it’s just because life has been a bit wild and crazy around here with the move and planning living in a new location.

I have been exercising most days of the week, but my schedule has been a little all over the place, and mostly dependent on my mood that day as to what type of workout I do. I have been ramping up my biking mileage though, since I’m getting excited about doing some summer triathlons! Last weekend I biked for 2 hours on both Saturday and Sunday — it was great! Plus, I couldn’t leave Sacramento without enjoying my favorite bike path at least one more time. Lots of great memories there since training for my very first half marathon in 2011!


It’s pretty strange to leave a place that you have lived for a while. I think this is the longest I have lived in one home and town since high school. It is fun to think back on all the fun times we have had with friends here. But on the plus side, I’m also looking forward to new beginnings.

For my last night in town we had to get Luigi’s pizza. Seriously, if you live in Sacramento — go get Luigi’s! And make sure you get some ranch dressing to go along with it. I also hit some of my favorite local breweries to bring home some beer along with the pizza. At least Oregon has some good beer too, so hopefully I’ll be able to find some new favorites. 🙂

image(110){another favorite bike path moment}

Anyway…. at the moment, my whole life is in boxes and packed up in a truck. I have some more posts in the works, so hopefully I’ll get back onto a regular schedule here soon {thank goodness!} Thanks for sticking with me through the sporadic posting.

Do you ever not have a race on the schedule? How do you keep yourself motivated when you’re just working out for fun?

4 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. Amy

    So excited to hear all about the new changes. I am positive you will find plenty more bike paths and make new memories in your new place 🙂 I understand the life in boxes thing; take your time unpacking and adjusting.

  2. Kristen

    So excited for you as you close one chapter and begin another. There are plenty of areas to run and bike in Corvallis and surrounding towns. The beer in Oregon is some of the best in the world – I’m not biased 😉 Do you get some time to settle in and explore before you start work, or will you be moving in and at it right away. I hope you get some down time!

  3. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    I can’t believe you are already on your way!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!! Good luck with the drive and settling in!!
    Sounds like you are getting your work outs in. I don’t think that you always have to have a race on the schedule. It is kind of fun to just run or bike or swim or whatever to burn some calories without having to check a schedule!!
    That being said I usually have a race on the calendar! I don’t have anything planned next year so we will see what happens! 🙂

  4. Holly @ Run With Holly

    Sometimes I enjoy not having a race on my schedule – it takes some of the pressure off, and lets me just run because…well, because I love to run! So embrace that for now (especially coming off an injury not that long ago).

    Good luck with the moving and re-settling, and give us a shout out whenever you have a few moments! =)


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