Big Changes!

I have some BIG news to share!!

Ryan and I will be moving soon to Corvallis, Oregon!

Why I Love Oregon

I found a job there, and am so excited to be getting my career started. I think my new position is going to really be a great jumping off point for many good things to come. I will be moving in just a few weeks, and Ryan will follow shortly after. Even though it’s hard to move away from the wonderful friends we have made in Sacramento, we are excited to explore a new area.

The only time I have visited Corvallis is for my interview (although we’ve been to Portland for a few trips, and I had my HTC experience last summer)! It might take us a bit to get used to the winter rain, but I know we are going to love all the great outdoor activity! I know the area is great for running and triathlon, and I’m also looking forward to giving trail running a try.

Have ave you ever been to Corvallis, OR? Any favorite races in the area? Favorite trails to run? What about outside of training — what are the best things to do in Oregon? Where should we go and what should we do?

19 thoughts on “Big Changes!

  1. Amy

    Wow! Congrats! What is your job?!?!?
    There are some places in Oregon I really want to explore-be sure to do plenty of good reviews of all your explorations πŸ™‚

    1. Kristen L Post author

      Thanks Amy! The job is doing injury biomechanics for a legal services company. Should be fun! I’ll be sure to tell you ALL about my explorations!

  2. Kristen

    Seriously??? I lived in Corvallis for 7 years and am an Instructor at Oregon State University. Even though I live in Bend (two hours east) I am in Corvallis on and off for work! That is really exciting. I can give you a run-down of trails, runs, races, etc. You can start with the Corvallis Half Marathon in April. πŸ™‚ We will need to meet up. What is the new job?

    1. Amy

      I was totally thinking of you, Kristen, when Kristen (other one) mentioned moving there, but wasn’t sure if you two followed each other’s blogs. I expect a blogger meet-up to happen soon!

    2. Kristen L Post author

      Yay! This is so exciting! We should definitely meet up!! I was initially thinking of doing the half in April, but I realized I’m going to be out of town for a good friend’s wedding that weekend. But I’m looking forward to lots of exploring through running and cycling!

  3. Holly @ Run With Holly

    Congratulations, Kristen! This is so exciting – I hope that both the job, AND the thought of living at the epicenter of trail running – is leaving you immeasurably excited. =)

  4. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    I am so excited you guys are moving here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fun!!!! There is so much to do and see. You should do RNR PDX…in may!! Sign up!! Come on!!!!
    The only race I have done in Corvallis is the Beaver Freezer…a sprint tri in April. Super fun. There is a really awesome pizza place there too!! (I will get the name for you)

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