Bay Area Running Adventures

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post & joining me for a virtual long run! I loved hearing more about what is on your minds and hope we really can have the chance to do a long run together some day!

The last few days I have been visiting San Francisco to visit a friend, then see my Dad who was in town on business. While visiting my friend, I was lucky enough to get in some amazing bay area running.

Saturday afternoon, I ran just under 5 miles in the Marin Headlands — just north of SF. My friend had been raving about running in that area, but I had never been there. Our route was the perfect distance to fit in the afternoon just before the sun set. As a flat-land runner from Sacramento it was SO much fun to mix things up a little more both by running trails, and by running some steep hills. The bonus for getting up to the top of a steep hill… an amazing view! I mean, check this out!


Sunday morning I woke up to the (much needed!) rain coming down. We had talked about a longer run the night before, but I wasn’t really prepared for a chilly and rainy run. Luckily I was able to borrow a jacket and hat, and ended up having another incredible run! While I don’t have any photos because I didn’t want to ruin my phone by getting it wet, we ran around the Presidio and along the bay. It was beautiful to see just a glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge within the fog. Again it’s hard to avoid hills when running in SF, so we found ourselves running a few stairs and a hill to get back home. In the end, I think we ran almost 6 miles!

It was such a great weekend! It reminded me how much fun it is to run in new places and also with running buddies!

Where was the last new place you went for a run?

9 thoughts on “Bay Area Running Adventures

  1. Amy

    So jealous! I LOVE the bay area. Its so odd to me that you have no hills because I picture CA with a lot of hills, but I know the long, flat areas and deserts. I basically drove through the entire state last summer. But I would still go to the bay area in a heartbeat! Glad you got a nice long run in, too!

  2. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    FUN!!! I love running in SF! Glad you got to do some running out of the same ol’ flat terrain!!
    I haven’t run in a different place in a long time but looking forward to running in Florida this weekend. That will be fun and new!!!

  3. Amanda

    That sounds awesome! What a beautiful view. A friend and I went “trail running” at Stebbins Cold Canyon a couple weekends ago — yikes! That was a steep one. I really enjoyed the parts we ran though and hope to do more of it. Do know of any good trails around Davis?

    1. Kristen Post author

      I actually haven’t done too much trail running yet, so this was a pretty new experience for me! There are some nice trails along the American River bike path in Sacramento that I have run before though!

  4. Holly @ Run With Holly

    Love SF running! 🙂

    The last new place I went for a run…? That is an excellent question! We explored Hong Kong over the New Year holiday, but that was mostly for hiking; not much running. Maybe my Central Park explorations over the Thanksgiving Holidays?

    Sounds like I’m due for some route exploration, huh?

  5. hopefulinbaltimore

    Eli! Mego here! I didn’t realize you were blogging– and rocking all of these races! I ran a 5-mi trail race in the Marin headlands just yesterday… Rainy but fun!

    Anyway, I’ve been getting into more serious training/racing as of this past fall (and have been considering starting a blog…) so it’s inspiring to see what you’ve been up to. And glad to hear you loved the Oakland half– I’m running it in March! 🙂


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