The Virtual Long run

I’ve seen a few other bloggers (like Megan and Christine) write about what they would discuss if they were out on a long run or a coffee date… and I just had some random things on my mind, so I thought I’d play along.


If we were on a long run today, I’d share with you that my leg is slowly getting better. In fact, I ran my longest run in a couple months last weekend (8 miles!), and felt like I could just keep going forever that day (Isn’t that the best feeling ever?!). And that’s why today’s long run is still staying about 90 minutes long — I need to slowly and steadily keep my distance increasing. But I’m feeling pretty optimistic that I’m on the mend. I still don’t know what exactly the issue is, but I’m thinking it’s something to do with hip stability.

I’d also tell you how I have been doing some workouts from RunSmart Online — I won a 3 month subscription from #runchat a couple weeks ago. I think they may be improving my core and leg strength. I particularly like the strength days for after an easy run. It’s not just doing squats and lunges like other strengthening programs. I’m enjoying trying some new stuff. If you’re dealing with a running injury, could be worth trying for a little while.

If we were on a long run, I’d probably also mention how I’m starting to work on the job hunt. How strange it is to think about moving somewhere else in the country. Even though I’m excited about the adventure of it, its also kind of scary to be looking for a real job and think about staying somewhere for more long-term. How will I know if it’s the right job or the right location?! There just seems to be so many things to take into account. But, I’m trying to network with lots of people, and just take it one day at a time.

If we were on a long run, I’d also have to talk about the Biggest Loser — it’s one of my favorite TV shows. Did you watch the triathlon last night?! I thought it was so inspiring. I loved how all them talked about how they could never have done this however many weeks ago. It reminds me that we can all do something new if we put our minds to it. And also how emotional it can be to cross a finish line. This is part of why I love racing.

And before our run finished up, I’d share that I’m getting seriously excited about Ragnar FL Keys. I can’t believe its only a week and a half away! Now that I’m feeling more confident about my running, I feel like I can be more excited about it. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to represent Nuun for this race too. And really, more than the running, I think I’m just excited to get to have a fun weekend with friends that I don’t get to see very often. Relays are just a moving slumber party with a little running thrown in there, right?

What would you tell me if we were out on a long run?!

21 thoughts on “The Virtual Long run

  1. SamanthaCycles

    Before I started telling you about what I’m thinking, I would be asking more questions about your job hunt! I don’t think I know what your field of work is, and I’m interested! Any chance on sharing some of that?

  2. Kristen

    I’m with Samantha – what kind of job are you looking for? Speaking of travels, if we were on a long run I would tell you how excited I am to be going to Africa next week. It is a bucket list trip and I’ll be headed to Kenya for a safari and tour around the country!

    1. Kristen Post author

      WOW! Your trip sounds incredible! I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about that soon. I just finished my PhD in biomedical engineering, so I’m looking for a position in medical device design or research & development… something along those lines.

  3. Holly @ Run With Holly

    In addition to whatever you want to talk about, we’d probably discuss…how I’m strangely saddle sore & chafed after a double spin session yesterday (DESPITE having done this already 3 weeks in a row). And how I got a big fat, burst, blister on my hand teaching spin yesterday (WHY? WHY?). And then, so I didn’t whine too much, I’d probably talk your year off about some cool business ideas I’m working on for this year (working alone makes a person very eager for a listening ear!). And finally…I’d probably blabber about my anticipation of whatever we were eating together after the run! =)

  4. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats

    Those are some great talking points! I have been doing some strength training too. It would be fun to exchange different exercises!!
    Good luck with the job search! I hope you move somewhere super cool so I can come visit!!!
    Totally excited about Ragnar!! You said it right: a moving slumber party!! Love it!

  5. Kimberly @ Healthy Strides

    If I was running with you, I’d tell you that northeast Indiana is home to some of the biggest and best medical device companies. What we lack in excitement and good weather, we make up for with my presence! Ha!

    Have fun at Ragnar! Soak up every once of sunshine for me.

  6. Emily

    If I was on a long run with you I might tell you how I’m having such a feel-stupid-week at work. Ugg I hate when that happens. But that’d prob make me huffy and puffy so I might move on to feeling like I need a little more focus in my training (for triathlon). I feel like I need a “training plan” by March but in the meantime I feel like I might be squandering my training time due to lack of direction/focus. I would also add how excited I am about going to a cheescake tasting tonight at the local cheescakery. A taste of 6 different cheesecakes in one sitting!!!! Good thing I’m doing this long run 😉

    1. Kristen Post author

      Ugh — I have rough weeks at work like that. As for your training, we would have to work out a plan to train together so you don’t squander your training in the next month or so. Also, I’m SO jealous of the cheesecake! Were they amazing?!

      1. Emily

        They were amazing! I think my fav was one of his new flavours Nanaimo. The chocolate crust with coconut and pecans in it was sooooo good and with the creamy smooth cheesecake and chocolate ganache atop. Ooohhh-eeee. You know the saying about eating *stuff* rolled in coconut? That might be me! Also been doing well on the workouts and added a hills running day this month. Still need that training plan tho. I have this week to get it done!

  7. erin

    We’d have a lot to talk about because I love Biggest Loser, too! 🙂 This week was so inspiring and so awesome they did a sprint! Cheering for Rachel because she’s from Minnesota!

    Best of luck with your job hunt! Come to MSP… lots of med device companies! A few of my good friends work at them, so let me know if you need a connection 🙂

  8. Amy

    I just watched the triathlon on TBL tonight and I loved it! So glad your leg is feeling better and YAY for FL Keys relay! You are going to rock it!

  9. Lauren

    SUPER DUPER jealous of your mini van 1 reNUUNion with Leslie at Ragnar! And I cannot wait for the Biggest Loser finale, I’m obsessed with that show. I secretly (well not anymore) want to be Jilian 😉

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