2014 Goals

Lately, I have been enjoying some down time on the running front. In December I spent some time just running for fun following my marathon, and I wasn’t ready to set any next goals following the race. Since mid-December, I have also been dealing with some nagging quad pain, as I mentioned the other day. I’m hoping it all clears up soon because I’m finally starting to feel more ready to make some 2014 goals!

Here are some of the things I hope to accomplish this year:

Complete my first half iron distance triathlon. I’m targeting the Folsom Triathlon in June. I haven’t signed up yet (hopefully soon!), but I’m pretty excited to try a new race distance.

Read more.  I love reading and this got lost in the shuffle of life and my dissertation in 2013, so I’m excited to read some new books for fun. Right now I’m in the middle of Daring Greatly.

PR the half marathon. I don’t have a goal race in mind yet, but I’m eying the Zooma Napa Half marathon. I’ve heard so many awesome things about Zooma races, and would love to run a race in Napa!

Volunteer for some races. I have been fortunate to be able to run many events the past few years, and I am always appreciative of the volunteers. This year, I want to give back a little! I’d like to volunteer for at least 2 events.

Consider a trail race. In December, I ran a couple short trail runs just to mix things up, and I kind of loved running on the dirt instead of the pavement. I think it could be fun to try a trail race at some point this year.

Be present. Lately I have been trying harder to notice the beauty in my surroundings, and be grateful for the little moments in each day that make me smile. For 2014, I want to make sure to be present and appreciate these little things in life.

What are your goals for 2014? I’d love to hear about them!

Have any good books to recommend for me? 

15 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Ali

    I'm excited to follow you in 2014! I think those are all awesome goals (especially the 70.3, but I'm a little biased–triathlons are my jam!). My 2014 goals are to PR the Ironman in the first half of the year and then PR the 5K in the second half of the year. Odd and seemingly disparate goals, but the 5K goal has been hanging around for awhile–my current PR is from 2010. Good luck in 2014!

    1. kristendyl Post author

      Sounds like some really great goals, Ali! I crushed an old 5k time in September. Kind of fun knowing you can do better than an old PR going into a race!

  2. Kimberly Truesdell

    Love these! And how exciting -a 70.3? Wow! You are awesome.

    I'd love to do a ZOOMA race and, specifically Napa, but they just aren't feasible for this Indiana girl. Do it and soak it all up for me.

  3. erin

    Fantastic goals, Kristen! Excited to follow your progress toward your first 70.3 start and finish line! Also, Daring Greatly… it's it GOOD?! One of my favorite reads. I'm working on reading more, too 🙂

  4. Leslie @ Triathlete Treats

    Great goals! Excited for your HIM!! Is Folsom a weekend fest? Didn't you do that as a sprint or oly last year? The name sounds familiar?! I need to work on being present also. I think I do more when I am not in Portland. I KNOW the Portland scenery! I see it all of the time!! 🙂
    Goals for me: Finish strong at IMC and PR at NYC!!!

    1. kristendyl Post author

      They put on a sprint, oly and HIM in one weekend both in June and August. Good memory! 🙂 Excited to hear how things go for you with your goals this year!

  5. Logan @ Mountains and Miles

    Those are some great goals! I am always trying to read more, but whenever I try to read before bed I fall asleep within a few pages ;).

    DO A TRAIL RACE!!! They are awesome and so different than road races – a totally different atmosphere and feel.

    I’m hoping to do my first triathlon this year, so it will be fun to hear about your training! I’m also hoping to tackle my first 50 mile ultramarathon. (I’m more scared about the tri! ha)

  6. Jesica @rUnladylike

    Awesome goals! I’m so excited for you to do your first half Iron!!! I would also give a big thumbs up to the ZOOMA races. I would LOVE to do Napa. I did my first trail race last year and really liked the experience. Although I prefer road races and will likely stick to those moving forward, it was a great experience. Good luck with all your goals. I know you will accomplish them!

  7. Kristen

    First off, there are some awesome trail runs in my neck of the woods. You are only like 8hours? away from me here in Bend, OR. Second, I love that you are considering a half iron distance triathlon. I think you should totally do it. I am contemplating (and almost there) signing up for IM Boise 70.3 What a commitment. Third, I’ve heard good things about the Sacramento Marathon – do you recommend? You’ve got some great goals!

    1. Kristen Post author

      I have also heard many good things about the California International Marathon, but I have yet to run it myself. 🙂 It’s in December, so nice late season race. I have been to Bend once — last June. So beautiful!

  8. Holly @ Run With Holly

    Oh, goals! My husband and I are aiming to try 1 new “activity” (of some kind) around Singapore each month this year. We realized that we fell into an easy habit of just hanging out on weekends and free evenings, rather than really exploring all that the island has to offer – so we’re going to try to do something about that this year!

    We’re also aiming to take a few trips around SE Asia – again, an overall goal for our time here, but one we didn’t do much on last year.

    Finally…I’m going to get my bike out of its bike bag (where it’s been hanging out since we moved….18 months ago). I might even actually ride it. Like, on the road. *gasp*

    There are also some running and business goals going on, but they’ll probably get their own blog posts anyway. So that’s what i’ve got (only 2 weeks late!). =)


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