Hitting the Pool & Core Values

Lately I have been having some issues with my left leg. I’ve taken a few weeks off of running –my last run was on 12/18. I’m not sure if it’s a hip, IT band, hamstring or quad problem — the pain seems to sort of move around, but mostly is sore near my knee (inside) and hip (outside).

Probably the most frustrating part is that I’m not really certain the cause. I’m buckling down this week with a focus on foam rolling some knots out, and hip strengthening. If it’s not feeling much better soon, I think it will be time to head to a physical therapist.

So, in the time I’ve taken off from running, training has been mostly swimming and weights, with a little cycling and yoga thrown into the mix. On the plus side, over the holiday break visiting my parent’s house in upstate NY, I swam my longest swim ever — 3150 meters!

{such a pretty pool! and so big, we swam the width instead of the length!}

Because of this, it’s made it feel hard to plan my next goal race since my motivation to train isn’t there (well, it is there, but I just can’t get out and run!). But, I’m trying to keep positive that I’ll be back at it soon!

At the moment, the next race on my list for this year is Ragnar FL Keys on February 7-8. I’m so excited for this adventure, and I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m back in action by then.

Otherwise, I’m also joining in on the #corevalues 30 day core challenge by Healthy Strides. I figure working on my core can’t be a bad thing! 5 minutes a day for the month of January. Maybe by the end of the month it’ll stick to being a good habit I continue.

What’s your favorite core exercise?

10 thoughts on “Hitting the Pool & Core Values

  1. Lisa

    I do not like hearing that you are having some issues. I hope that foam rolling and strengthening work out for you. And, I do not have a favorite core exercise. I hate them all… and that is a BIG problem for me 😉

  2. Bird Legs

    I am SOO jealous of Ragnar Keys – can't wait to hear all about it but excited we'll be seeing each other at other races this year. What is happening with your left leg sounds like exact same thing going on with my right. Pain on the outside of my right hip, mostly inside and behind my right knee but sometimes the outside of the knee. It's so annoying and I kind of just keep running through it (like an idiot) so if you figure out what the deal is, if you could let me know that would be great:) I am assuming it's all stemming from the hip. Nice job on the swim! I haven't made the jump back into the pool yet but hope to soon

  3. Amy Z

    Wow-so excited to hear about your awesome upcoming adventure! But sad to hear about your knee/hip issue. I wish I knew what it was, but it sounds like some muscles might be stronger than others and pushing things around? What do I know though? See a physical therapist! And way to go with the swimming!

  4. erin

    Bummed to hear about your injury 😦 You're doing the right thing, though, by resting! I hope it heals up quickly… I know how frustrating it can be to not run (going on week, hmm, eight I think). In the meantime, enjoy the swimming and core work! Ragnar Florida Keys sounds fantastic!

  5. Yum Runner

    RAGNAR!!! Jealous and excited for you!

    Sooo… When I had bursitis in my knee, wimming occasionally hurt. Bad. Can that happen with IT/quad/other leg issues too? It seems like kicking could aggravate a problem even if there's not impact. How does it all work?!?!

  6. Kristen L

    I'm thinking there are some muscle imbalances, like you mentioned. I've been doing a ton of exercises, and feeling a little better the last few days. But, thinking of scheduling something with a PT soon anyway.

  7. Kristen L

    Yes! Ragnar should be great!! We are team NUUNaritaville! 🙂

    Swimming hasn't really caused me much issue so far, but I suppose any motion that causes rubbing for the bursitis could aggravate the problem.

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