Ups and downs of the past two weeks

I started to write this post about how my training has been very up and down the last two weeks. And, while it kind of has, starting to write it out made me realize that right now I think things are going alright, and I’m feeling excited about my marathon in less than two weeks. 

After my confidence boosting 20-miler a couple weeks ago, I ran a strong progression run and short marathon pace run before running the Nike Women’s half

Following Nike, my lower leg (which I have been dealing with since rolling my ankle nearly two months ago) was really bothering me for a couple days. I was feeling defeated since I had felt great during the half and the week before. Looking back, I think it was mostly some delayed soreness from running the hills. I haven’t done any major hill training lately, so I’m sure my legs weren’t used to it. 

After taking a few days off running to cross train, I felt good for an easy 6 last Thursday, and a strong marathon pace 15 miler on Saturday morning. 

What makes me more excited is that the past two days I have been feeling great. My soreness isn’t excessive, and I am solidly into my taper now. 

So while the last couple weeks didn’t quite go as planned (or the last couple months for that matter), I have been hanging on and getting in some solid long runs. After thinking about it, I realized that even though I missed a few run days and some quality speed sessions, I didn’t have to just sit and do nothing. I’ve enjoyed doing cross training with spin and yoga. I’m coming out of this fairly healthy and ready to run the marathon I’ve been training for so long! I guess sometimes when you’re in the midst of it, the frustration can bring you down mentally. Smart training and listening to my body have helped me get through it.

Now that you know how things have been going I’m going to just forget about those frustrating days and focus on the strong long runs I have had. My right leg is still not 100%, but in the next 11 days, I will be stretching, and rolling as much as I can. I am ready.

6 thoughts on “Ups and downs of the past two weeks

  1. Amy Z

    Great attitude. Whatever you do, don't stress too much about your time or your leg. Everything will fall into place. You've done the training and I am sure the taper might try to make you think your leg is worse than it is 🙂 You've got this!

  2. Leslie @ Triathlete Treats

    Yes!! Keep positive!! You are totally ready!!! I am so excited for you!!! A long training cycle is bound to have some ups and downs but I think that you have done every correct. You just have to wait a little longer!!! It is almost here!!! 🙂

  3. Holly @ Run With Holly

    Yes, yes you are. And a big 'ole HIGH FIVE for being smart. I love coaching, but I also love coming over and reading a blog where someone is making really smart, careful decisions about her training. Now, it's time to leave any doubts/worries behind, hit the taper, and start to get REALLY excited!! 🙂


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