OBX Marathon Training Week 7

This week was all about focusing back in on running! My calf has been feeling pretty good, as long as I continue to be diligent on stretching, and triathlons are over for this year for me. 

Monday: rest. After Sunday’s Olympic distance triathlon, I needed a good rest day. 

Tuesday: Yasso 800’s.6 800s in 3:54. Felt good during this. Thought about doing a few more but didn’t want to push the calf too hard on my first speed day in a couple weeks. Afterward I spent lots of time stretching and did a few core moves until Ryan was finished with his workout. 

Wednesday: P90x legs + core.
I have been doing a mix of my own favorite arm moves plus the Lesko Dozen. Some were done after the speed session Tuesday, and some after my leg strength day.

Thursday: 4 mile progressive run
Legs felt pretty dead this day. Feeling some accumulated fatigue. Couldn’t quite get my last mile faster than the third. But they ended up the same exact pace. 

In the evening, I enjoyed the wine I won from podium placement at the triathlon last weekend, while watching the Hood to Coast movie. Just made me even more excited for my first big relay race!

Friday: rest

Saturday: volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a few hours. So, ended up doing lots of walking, and lifting. So much fun!

Sunday: 14 mile long run. 
Temps were supposed to reach 100, so we got up early and made it out on our favorite bike trail by 7am. It felt pretty nice out when we started. The initial plan was to run 62-63 minutes out, and 57-58 back for a nice negative split. I was so close to getting in 7 miles, that I pushed it to 65 minutes out. Made the return in 61 minutes. Generally, I felt pretty good. It felt good to have a long run! Hadn’t had a good one in nearly a month! It is time to start ramping up the long run mileage a little more. My left knee and calves were tired by the time I finished, so I spent some time with my legs up in compression socks in the afternoon. Oh yeah, and lots of time eating. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m always hungry for the rest of the day after a long run! How do you refuel after a long run?

2 thoughts on “OBX Marathon Training Week 7

  1. Amy Z

    Awe. Wine you WON in a race + movie about a race you are about to do sound like a perfect evening to me! Way to go on the long run. Sounds like a great way to get a decent run in and make sure you negative split.

  2. Holly @ Run With Holly

    Aw! Wine was not-uncommon as a prize in Upstate NY, and when KMN and I ran a race in New Zealand, I won a bottle on local wine in the raffle at the end of the race. A prize I can drink, rather than dust? WIN.

    My refueling plan looks something like this (NOTE: This is not exactly what experts advocate, but it's a reasonable compromise that my stomach, muscles & I have settled on):

    Immediately after: Water, Nuun, and Watermelon
    30-60 minutes after: Chocolate milk or Milo make with milk
    1-2 hours after: Brunch (usually with eggs)
    Dinner: Normal
    The Next Day: ALL THE THINGS
    [For some reason, long runs catch up with me the day AFTER.]


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