A Tough Week: OBX Training Week 3

This week felt tough! I don’t know if it was because of a busy work week, or just the workouts starting to tire out my legs, but I’m already starting to really feel like I’m in the middle of marathon training. This is not saying it was a bad week by any means, just a lot going on!

I mentioned before that I am nearing the end of my PhD work, so this summer I am really trying to buckle down and finish the darn thing! This week was the first in a while where I really had time to work for the entire week (all that traveling was getting in the way!). It was great to feel accomplished on that front, but it was a good reminder of how exhausting work can be sometimes!

This week I also had a physical, where I got a Tdap vaccination. Man, do those things really make you feel like you got slugged in the arm! I got the shot on Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday I could barely raise my arm. By Friday it was feeling mostly back to normal… with just a little sensitivity at the injection site.

Onto the workouts…

Monday: P90x chest & back. Lots of pushups & pullups. I was sore from this for a few days too!

Tuesday: Intervals. Didn’t get in the workout in the morning, so went to the gym for treadmill miles this week in the evening. Intervals were: 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 with 200 rest between each.

I had never done this type of workout before, and it was really awesome. I felt really strong and hit all my paces without a problem! Ran for 5.25 total miles.

{post run stretch. yep, there was a lot of sweating happening}

Wednesday: P90x legs. Arm was SO sore, so avoided adding in some back exercises.

Thursday: Again, no AM workout. Hot in the afternoon, but went with a few miles outside including 1.75 miles at almost tempo pace. The heat really got to me, and I had trouble pushing for those last 15 sec/mi. Total of 5 miles.

Friday: rest! Glorious rest!

Saturday: 13 mi long run. Proud of ourselves for getting up and out to the trail by 7AM… usually we are running a little later than that. High temp today was supposed to be 100 degrees, so we wanted to get out early. I had to run in the dirt the last 3 miles so I didn’t get run over by bikers from a local triathlon. It made for a tough finish, but it was fun to get a free cheer squad and watch the bikers zoom by.

Sunday: open water swim. Finally got the chance to try out my wetsuit! Ryan and I both got wetsuits for Christmas from my parents, but we hadn’t taken them out for a test swim yet. The water temperature was actually pretty warm, so they weren’t needed, but we were glad to try them out. I had been a little nervous about fit, but it worked great. The swim was a little tough — I think mostly from staying out late Saturday night, but we had a fun time. Total swim was probably about 0.75 miles.

Β {The water levels were really low. Lots of people out at the lake though.}

Have you had the Tdap vaccine? How long did your arm hurt?
What was the best part of your weekend? Mine was hanging out with our good friends Saturday night. Good food, good wine, outdoor games. Lots of fun!

6 thoughts on “A Tough Week: OBX Training Week 3

  1. Kristen L

    I'm in Northern California, so some of the lakes are pretty chilly and useful for a wetsuit. I won't use it if the water is warm though because it made me a little too hot.

  2. Kristen L

    No worries — good question!! They are in meters, so 1200m 1000m, ect. Sorry for the confusion. 400m is one time around a standard track, and close to 0.25 mile.

  3. Leslie @ Triathlete Treats

    Great week!!! It is probably the heat that is got you down. I am telling you what. Its only in the 80s here and I am way more sluggish now than in the cooler temps!!

    Yay!! You finally got to wear your wetsuit!!!

    Is the DTap–tetanus? I got a tetanus shot a few years ago and the nurse gave me some tips to make it not so sore! Totally followed what she said and I had very little soreness…but I have no idea what they are now!!

    Had a very fun Ragnar relay last weekend!!! Sunday night I got to hang out with the new guy in my life! πŸ™‚


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