5 Tips to Work Out While Traveling

In the past month I have done a lot of traveling. First Hawaii, then to Sunriver, OR for 4 days (where I got to meet Leslie!) followed by a weekend of camping, and I for the last few days I have been in CT visiting Ryan’s family. Lots going on!

When going on vacation or traveling for work, it can be so easy to just take time off from exercise.  Sometimes that is the right thing to do…. but often I will feel so much better by getting out for some kind of workout!

Here are some of my favorite tips for working out while traveling.

1. Use it as a way to see the sights or explore. When we were in Hawaii, Ryan and I ran through a park that we would never have seen if it weren’t for going on a run! It can be so much fun to explore new areas on either a run or a bike ride. It might take some planning ahead of time so you don’t get lost or to plan your distance, but it is totally worth it!

2. Aim for a morning workout
. While I don’t always hold true to this, it often seems much easier to get a workout done in the morning when on vacation. Once you are sitting on the beach it takes so much more effort to get your butt up and just after rolling out of bed. Plus, you will feel accomplished for the rest of the day!

3. Try to schedule a step back week.
If you are training for a big race and you know you have a trip ahead, it can be best to build for a few weeks before leaving. Reducing mileage while you are away can keep you from needing to find time for a few hour run. I didn’t do that this week for my marathon training, but I think it can be a good practice.

4. Fit in something in the time you have. Sometimes it is best to just be flexible. If you have 30 minutes, but at home you would have an hour, don’t skip you workout! You can have a great workout in 30 minutes. Try increasing intensity or run intervals to mix things up. Or do some strength training with body weight exercises — there are so many options.

5. Seize the opportunities.
When we were camping a few weeks ago, we ended up going to a lake for a day. We rented some kayaks and swam across with our friends kayaking nearby. This ended up being a great part of everyone’s trip! If you are in a new area, it can be great to find different exercise opportunities — biking, go on a long walk, kayak — try out a new activity that everyone can enjoy and do together for a unique workout.

What are your best tips for getting in a workout while you are traveling?

8 thoughts on “5 Tips to Work Out While Traveling

  1. Amy Z

    Yes! I do all of these! Morning workouts and I make it a step-back week and it is perfect. And I love to explore new places on foot. I find it hardest to find room for tempo runs or speed work unless I am staying at a hotel with a gym and I know I have access to a treadmill. Otherwise, I like to take my runs light and easy, as I know I will likely get lost or need to pay attention so I can find my way back.

  2. Leslie @ Triathlete Treats

    These are great tips!!! Morning work outs are key. That is the last thing I want to do after doing whatever activities I have been doing all day!!
    When I was in New Zealand I ran on lots of different trails and saw parts of cities that I would have never seen if I wasn't running! 🙂

  3. Holly @ Run With Holly

    I think that doing research before you go and having a plan in place helps a lot. No one wants to spend an hour researching running routes instead of lying on the Hawaiian beach, right? And there are lots of online resources that aggregate other people's running routes, that it's increasingly easy to find reliable, safe routes frequented by lots of runners.

    That being said, my other vacation workout tip is to bring your senses of humor and adventure. If you go out intending to do a 5 mile tempo run, you may be confounded by more stoplights than you realize, tourists on a bridge, a road you can't seem to cross, surprise sidewalk reconstruction, or any of 100 other possibilities. Going out with a sense of adventure turns those unexpected “nuisances” into challenges and opportunities to explore further.

  4. Lisa

    Great tips for travel! The biggest thing for me is getting it done in the morning. If I don't do it then, it just doesn't happen. What part of CT were you in? I grew up there in Norwalk.

  5. Kevin

    These are really great tips for working out while travelling or on vacation. They say those who work out in the morning are much more likely to stick with their routine.


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