Hawaii Fun: Part II

When I left off, I was describing all the fun we had on Oahu. We then went to the Big Island of Hawaii!! We had about two and a half days there. The first day we visited the Kona Brewing Company — so good!!

One of the days Ryan and I ventured off on our own for the day to visit Volcanoes National Park. The island of Hawaii is actually made of five volcanoes, with some of them erupting in the not too distant past. They had a lot of tours where you could walk to see flowing lava. We didn’t see that, but did get to see a lot of smoke coming out from the volcano in the park. We also went to see the end of the road in the park where lava flowed over it in 2003. It was raining at the park when we arrived, but luckily it cleared out and we had a great day!

 We also went to a luau at another nearby hotel at sunset. The next night there were hula dancers at our hotel doing a little performance. My Mom and I got a good photo with one of the dancers! 🙂

The last day before we left, we stopped to check out the lava tubes near the airport. Basically, they are huge holes where lava had flowed underground. My brother, Ryan and I climbed around in them a bit. It is tough to walk over the lava rock — very jagged. 

Overall it was an amazing trip! I loved spending some good time with my family. We had a great week, and I can’t wait until the next time we get together! xoxo

7 thoughts on “Hawaii Fun: Part II

  1. Amy Z

    Fun! Volcanoes NP looks awesome. The only time I was close to an active volcano was in Japan and it was too active that they would not allow us to hike up and see it. I was so disappointed. Lava is really fascinating stuff!

  2. Holly KN

    Those volcano holes are pretty awesome. Lava is scary-amazing!

    Also, major kudos for compressing 8 days of awesome into just 2 posts.

    Love, The Blogger Who Can Turn Brushing Her Teeth Into A Whole Post


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