Hawaiian Fun: Part I

As I mentioned in my quick update last week — I was away for the week with my family in Hawaii! We had an amazing time, and I wanted to share with you some of the details.

During our trip, we visiting two of the islands: Oahu and Hawaii (the Big Island). We spent the first four days in Waikiki on Oahu, and the last three in a little town North of Kailua-Kona called Waikoloa on Hawaii.

We made sure to keep busy most days with different excursions, but also had some time to relax on the beach, play cards, and swim in the pools. Since I have way too many photos that I love from the trip, I’ll break this down into a couple posts. This one will focus on Oahu.

During our time on Oahu, we visited Pearl Harbor, went snorkeling, went on a sunrise photography tour, and enjoyed some gorgeous sunsets from our hotel.

Pearl Harbor was beautiful and moving. We also toured the USS Arizona. It was really interesting to walk around and explore the battleship.

The photography tour was amazing. Every stop we made was gorgeous, and I took SO many photos!!

When we were snorkeling we even got to see a couple turtles!! The guides mentioned they usually see a few more, but there were some scuba divers that were scaring them away. One of the turtles came to the surface really close to me and another person. It was amazing to see it stick his head up out of the water! Here’s a photo of one of them below the surface — you can see how large it was compared to the scuba diver!

At the end of the day we always had a gorgeous sunset!

6 thoughts on “Hawaiian Fun: Part I

  1. Nadiya

    Wow. Hawaii look gorgeous 🙂 I never knew that the Pearl Harbor was actually in Hawaii. I guess I didn't pay too much attention in history class :S I'm Canadian so I get slackage 😛

  2. Amy Z

    Whoah! I must have missed the last post because you were gone for a bit and then you pop up with photos from Hawaii. Lucky you! We actually want to sneak a trip to Hawaii in next year maybe as a honeymoon or something. I love the idea of a photography tour, but the sunrise part while on vacation? I could maybe deal with that. How did you choose Oahu and the Big Island?

  3. Leslie @ Triathlete Treats

    So much fun!! I have been to Hawaii a handful of times! Always a great time!! I love seeing the turtles…I think that I have seen them every time I go snorkeling! I can't believe how close you were to them!! Awesome!!

  4. Yum Runner

    Ahhhh! I have so much turtle love!!! My husband went to Hawaii a couple of months ago and brought me a turtle magnet. One day I will swim with the turtles! So jealous!

  5. Holly KN

    I want to scuba next to a turtle!!!

    And just the few shots from the Photo Tour look amazing…make sure to get a few printed to canvas to decorate your apartment! 🙂


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