It’s Heatin’ Up!

Last weekend the weather was amazing. It made for perfect temperatures for an evening run with Ana (remember, she’s training for her first marathon!) on Saturday, and a long bike ride mid-day with Ryan on Sunday. Seriously, how can you beat sunny and 75 degree days?!

The forcasted weather for this coming weekend though is going to be HOT. Check it out:

When the temperatures rise, it is important to be careful as you engage in outdoor activities. Here are some of my tips for running in warmer weather:

Exercise early in the morning or after sunset. These times of day it can sometimes be hard to see runners though, so be sure to use caution — wear lights, light colored and reflective clothing. In humid areas, it can stay hot for a little while after sunset, so find the coolest parts of the day where you live.

Adjusting your training schedule for cooler days if possible. Sometimes this isn’t really possible to do, but if you have a little wiggle room, move around your training plan to do your longer or harder runs on a day that has cooler temperatures.

Run in the shade or on a trail where you aren’t in direct sunlight. Reducing the direct impact of the sun can help you stay cooler. 

Wear sunscreen! This, of course, goes not just for the hot times of the year, but we always need another reminder. Help keep your skin safe from harmful rays!

Watch out for increased chafing! I find it especially important to wear anti-chafe cream when the weather heats up and I’m sweating more. My worst chafing experience was at a race in the middle of the summer!

Drink lots of water and also replace your electrolytes (Nuun or Gatorade, for example). Be sure you are hydrated before you go out, and also rehydrate when you return. Try wearing a hydration belt or carry handheld bottle.  If you will be out for a long time and you don’t want to carry water with you, you could plan ahead and leave water along your route, plan for water fountains, or pass by your house/car for a sip every few miles. Here’s an in-depth article from Runner’s World all about hydration.

Slow your pace while your body adapts to a big change in temperature. Running in hotter weather can be more taxing on your body while it adjusts to temperature change. Slowing down your pace until you are more used to it can help keep you from pushing too hard.

Wear light, loose-fitting clothing that is wicking, and wear a hat. Try to avoid cotton, both for your clothing and hats. Material that is wicking can keep you cooler. I also prefer to wear a visor over a hat to keep from trapping in the heat. Dumping water on your head and neck, and wetting your hat can also cool your body down.

Finally, be aware of the signs of heat stroke:  dizzy, nauseated, have the chills, or cease to sweat. If you notice you are having these signs, STOP RUNNING, find shade, and drink water or a fluid replacement drink. If temperatures are really extreme, be okay with taking your workout indoors. Run on the treadmill or get in some cross-training or strength training for a day.

Do you have any other tips to beat the heat?

5 thoughts on “It’s Heatin’ Up!

  1. Nadiya

    Thanx for the tips 🙂 It actually kind of snowed in Toronto 5 minutes ago. Yeah… the weather is weird.

    Maybe also wear some of the that face moisturizer sunscreen? That stuff is important 😛

  2. Holly KN

    Light and loose is great for So Cal, but if you're working out somewhere that super humid, go for tight clothes. They're gonna get soaked anyway, and you'll sweat faster than evaporation does its thing. I find myself *always* grabbing my tight fitting shorts and tanks these days, since no one wants soaked, floppy fabric splashing all over the place.

    Some people freeze their water bottles (if you're OK with the resultant condensation), or freeze a wet bandana to put around the neck. Ice cubes down the sports bra are awesome, if you have access.

    Remember that you can replace some fluid with really juicy fruits (especially nice after a really hard effort). Watermelon and grapes are my two favorite “fluid replacement assistants”…

  3. Victoria

    Can you please send half of that heat here to Sweden ?! 😛
    Love going up in the morning and run when you know it's gonna be really warm outside!


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