Don’t Stop: Nuun HTC Application

Since I started running two years ago, I have really surprised myself with how far I could go (a marathon!) or how fast I could run (a 1:50 half?!). Plus, I think things are only getting better! I’m feeling so much more confident in my running ability, and I have joined an amazing community of people by starting a blog about my experiences with training, racing, and staying fit.

Last August I loved reading so many bloggers’ recaps about running Hood-to-Coast with Nuun. It seemed like an unbelievable experience! Making new friends, and simply having the time of their life. This year, Nuun is looking for 20 new female bloggers to take on the 199 mile relay from the top of Mt. Hood to the Coast in Seaside, OR. Because of this, I decided to take a leap and put together an application. Can’t get in if you don’t apply, right?

I have seen a bunch of application videos from other women applying, and I have to say they are amazing and so creative! It would be amazing to run a relay (which I’ve never done before!) with a group of incredible female runners/bloggers for an awesome company that can truly keep us moving (through their power of hydration)!

With that, I invite you to enjoy my application video about why I would be the perfect addition to the Nuun Hood-to-Coast relay team.

Okay, okay… I know I’m not the best dancer (Slumbee and Waddles have me beat, as you can clearly see), but you probably can’t help but laugh at my moves, and I still love a good dance party — especially on a road trip or in a big van with a bunch of other sweaty runners.

Nuun, I hope you like my moves and silliness enough to invite me to join you on this awesome adventure!

Have you ever run Hood to Coast, or another relay? Ryan and I have been thinking about relays for a while now, but need some more running friends!

PS. You still have time to put in an application if you are interested. The deadline was extended to Sunday 4/7 at Midnight! You can check out more of chatter on twitter by following #nuunHTC

8 thoughts on “Don’t Stop: Nuun HTC Application

  1. Amy Z

    Cute! Way to go. I did a relay that went UP mountains and ended in Steamboat Springs in CO. Super fun, but really difficult to organize. I was a last minute addition to the team after a girl had a bad bike accident so luckily my only job was to run, but I felt bad for all the organizers. It is a lot of work. So you and Ryan should find a way to get on an established team, rather than create your own!

  2. Nadiya

    Oooh! This sounds like so much fun and I'm sure making the video was too. Haha! Love your dancing skills and those of the stuffed animals 😛

    Best of luck with the application 😀

  3. Kristen L


    Organizing stuff like this does sound like a lot of work — I have had my fair share of planning team events before and its hard when someone drops (or gets injured) last minute!

  4. Holly KN

    Cute! Good luck. 🙂

    I, too, suggest doing your first as part of an organized team (that someone ELSE is organizing!), before endeavoring to organize one yourself. I ran my first Ragnar last year that way – and now feel considerably better prepared, if I ever have to organize one myself!


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