Haircut and a 5k

It was a pretty low key week this week. I continued my P90x routine (only a few more weeks to go!), but skipped out on the legs workout yesterday because of my goal half marathon tomorrow.

Instead of the workout, I got my hair cut! I seriously hadn’t gotten my hair cut in close to 10 months! I know, I know — I’m lazy about the hair cuts. Now I feel fresh and ready for spring! I always think it feels so funny to wash my hair after cutting so much off. Also, the stylist curled it, which I hardly ever do! It was fun to have a new style all afternoon! Today, its back to being straight. 

before                                                                       after

This morning, Ryan and I walked the Biggest Loser Inaugural 5K Run/Walk in Sacramento in support of getting people moving, and as a work even for Ryan’s young professionals group. We debated for a while when we were signing up whether to run or walk it. We ended up deciding to walk since we want to make sure we are not tired out for our race tomorrow too, and a few others from his work were also planning to walk it. Ryan and I walked the race together, which was awesome! It was so great to talk and catch up since he was traveling for work all week. Our final finishing time was about 42:25 (13:41/mi pace).

Overall, I think the Biggest Loser 5K was a great environment for first time runners and walkers. There was one water station, and a couple groups of people at “cheer stations”. We finished the race by entering through the back of the local baseball stadium, and going around the warning track. The volunteers were very good, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Overall the environment seemed really welcoming to just getting people up and moving, and enjoying the day! There were even awards for the top 3 places in each age group for both runners and walkers separately. And everyone got a participation medal! We got an extra little shamrock keychain for doing both today’s event, and participating in tomorrow’s half. Ryan won 1st for men’s walkers in his age group!

Tomorrow morning is the Shamrock’n Half Marathon! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Do you watch The Biggest Loser TV show? We have watched the last few seasons, and have really gotten into it. It is great to see people taking control of their lives and gaining self confidence.

Have you ever walked a race instead of running? This was my first time walking a race!

3 thoughts on “Haircut and a 5k

  1. Nadiya

    Ooh nice haircut 😀 That must be a big change

    Woa! That's some speedy walking 0.0 Can't wait to hear about your actual race and best of luck 😉

  2. Holly KN

    I LOVE the “no hair” feeling on the first wash! 🙂

    Also, I think that a race finish around the warning track is pretty fun – I've run two races like that before, and it's a cool finish (although it feels reeeaaalllllly long when you just want to be done!).

    I don't think I've ever walked a race, but I often jog races with friends, clients or training groups. It's kinda fun to be free of any time pressure – and just enjoy the atmosphere, and cheering on everyone else!

    SPeaking of which – have a blast tomorrow. Whatever the day brings – enjoy. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    was there too bro and congrats to your walking . Thats amazing .I came in 1st place and got the certificate too. Oh man i wish we could get the photos together lol. Anyways ,good job bro


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