P90x: month 2

Whoa — I seriously don’t know where the last week has gone! I was crazy busy last week with recruitment for a new class of graduate students for my department. It was really fun, but also exhausting and took a lot of pre-planning. Luckily it coincided with the recovery week for my P90x schedule, so I didn’t have to worry too much about missing workouts.

Here’s how P90x month 2 went…

week 1: It was really tough switching workouts! I guess I really did get used to the first month of exercises. But, I totally crushed pull-ups this week… especially on legs & back day. I did 8 pullups in a row!

week 2: This week I was moving up in weight during exercises. My triceps were sore from Monday’s workout. Otherwise, settling in to this round of workouts. Note: back & biceps day is HARD. Somehow I always think this workout won’t be as tiring, but it comes back and says “Don’t you dare underestimate me!”

week 3: I couldn’t believe it was already the last week of this cycle! crazy. This month really seemed to go by fast. I’ve officially decided this month’s workouts are always harder than I think they are going to be. Again, my triceps were pretty sore from Monday on Wednesday’s workout.

recovery week: I had a lot of things going on this week, but I fit in an extra day of yoga and some running to make up for not doing as many lifting days. By the end of last week I was starting to feel kind of burnt out, so I was so glad to have a recovery week to help me reset a little.

This week I’m on to the last round of exercises. I have seen a lot of changes so far in my strength, and I think it will only get better these final 4 weeks. I’m already excited to compare my initial and final photos! I hope my hard work shows.

Anyone else seeing some good improvements from cross training?

9 thoughts on “P90x: month 2

  1. Nadiya

    Cross training is amazing! I remember I did a bit of running in second year and then I did synchronized swimming. My running has gotten so much better after that. πŸ˜€ It's all about overall fitness I guess ^^

  2. Holly KN

    Definitely seeing my BodyPump weights increase. FUN.

    Also? Grad student recruitment week…*splat*. When I was a new grad student, I LOVED this week. By the time I was ready to graduate, I think I hibernated in the lab for the week. Hope everything went off smoothly… πŸ™‚

  3. Amy Z

    Ha. I agree totally with Holly. Its so fun to meet and recruit new grad students at first. Then…well…they are just so excited and happy and it is hard for those of us who are older, wiser, and more disillusioned with grad school. Way to keep going with the P90X!

  4. Kristen L

    I help with a lot of the planning in my department, so I kind of have to be involved — but this will likely be my last year. The best parts of the weekend: bowling! and delicious free food.

  5. TorontoRunner

    sounds great!! It's a pretty consistent(was it 5/6 days a week?) workout right..have you needed to skip days to fit it into your schedule at all?
    I feel like I'd be absolutely flooored doing p90x!

    I haven't cross trained in MONTHS..I guess this little foot injury is gonna force me into some elliptical fun..!

  6. Kristen L

    Yes — it is 6 days a week. I've usually been able to get in a workout all those days, except for last week when I was busy a couple days. And, like I've mentioned before, the non-lifting days I often substitute running or my own yoga class instead of the videos.

    Keep healing up that foot!! Do some swimming and elliptical instead of running for a bit. You won't lose your strength and endurance if you keep busy doing other things.


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