Running Speedy

I know speed is all relative, and fast for one person is super slow for another. But lately I have been trying hard to push my pace on my runs and work on speed — speedy for me anyway. It is seriously so much fun. I think I have underestimated myself for a while!

The last three weeks during my long runs, I have run some of the fastest times I’ve ever done at those distances. Each week my average pace has gotten consecutively faster too, even while my distance has increased. Basically, I think my comfortably hard pace has dropped at least 20 seconds/mile. I’m not sure if this is all a result of pushing my distance in the fall for my marathon, or the speedwork intervals I’ve been doing this month — either way, it is awesome! I’m so excited about it!

I have one more higher mileage week before my first of two March half marathons. I am really getting pumped for these races! I can’t wait to see how I do.

Besides running and P90x-ing, the last few weekends have been busy. Last weekend we went to San Francisco to see a friend. We had amazing weather, and enjoyed time outside. We walked up Twin Peaks and had a gorgeous view of the city. Check out these photos! Seriously beautiful.

This weekend we had a great time celebrating a few friends birthdays. Ryan found these AWESOME giant peanut butter cups at the store! They were delicious, but I could really only eat a bite or two because they were so sweet. I was glad we had friends to share them with!

Have you ever had a big/sudden increase in your running speed?

9 thoughts on “Running Speedy

  1. Samantha @

    Wow, look at that view from up there. I need to do that sometime.

    I'm just trying to cross the finish line on this first half marathon, but definitely look forward to focusing on my speed on the months to come! My speed has been pretty consistent the last 2 months but I have noticed an increase in stamina.

  2. Amy Z

    Nice! Isn't that fun? This fall, when I was training for my 2 halves, I got faster and it felt great. Unfortunately it did not translate when I ran for 26 miles, but I guess an overall 2 minute PR over 26 miles does reflect at least some reduction in pace per mile.

  3. Nadiya

    I've actually noticed that my pace has increased ever since I started barefoot running. That could've also contributed to my Achilles Tendon pain 2 weeks ago :S Maybe I should've stuck with a slower pace

  4. Holly KN

    <3 <3 <3 SF. Ahhhh.... =)

    Easiest speed I ever found? After finally recovering from a few rounds with anemia. LOVELY!! [And, apart from the spinach, meat, and cast iron skillet: no effort at all!] “Finding” speed is super fun, isn't it?

    Just take it easy leading up to your race…those faster workouts will pay you back, but not if you hit the starting line with tired legs. Excited for you! 🙂

  5. Running Junkie

    Those are awesome views!

    I have gotten a sudden increase in speed two times in my running career. It's reallllly exciting but careful not to push too far. I've also ended up injuried both times because I never did any easy runs.


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