P90x: month 1

P90x Review

I started the P90x program on January 8. See my post about starting the workout series here.

If you don’t know much about P90x, the general program consists of 3 weightlifting days (two focused on arms, and one focused on legs/back), as well as 2 cardio days (plyometrics, or kenpo) and one day of yoga. 

Weekly Thoughts
Week 1: One week in to the P90x program, I am feeling SORE. Almost from head to toe, but mainly in the upper body. Unfortunately we had to start on a Tuesday, so we will likely be doing an extra week of “month 1” workouts. Since we started with the Plyometrics routine, late in the week my calves were screaming at me! My sides are pretty sore from pullups and abs from the AbRipperX workout. But, I know I’m already improving. Feels good to be in a nice strength routine!

Week 2: Plyo’s was much easier this week than last week.  Legs & back really wiped me out this week. Not really so much on the day of the workout, but more that I was SUPER sore the next day — mostly in the glutes.

Week 3: Small improvements this week, but starting to make progress, I think. Getting better especially with the pull-ups. Still had glute soreness after the legs day, but not as bad.

Bonus week for “month 1” workouts: We decided to do another full week of month 1 to get on track with our days. Didn’t complete the legs workout this week because I ran a half marathon Sunday. Changed around the schedule this week a little due to being excessively tired Monday. Yoga on Monday. Completed lifting days on Tuesday and Wednesday.  P90x+ Intervals workout on Thursday. Took Friday off, and swam on Saturday.

Overall thoughts so far:
This is a very tough workout, but they do a great job of showing modified moves if you are new the program. The first two days are the hardest workouts (Chest & Back, and Plyometrics). My first time ever through these workouts, I had to take a break during plyometrics because I thought I was going to faint! And I even felt like I was in pretty good shape at the time! So if you try these workouts, don’t get discouraged. Use the modifications to get through it, and you will improve over time.

What I like about this program is although there are a few rest breaks built in (and I do believe it is enough time), you definitely get your heart rate up for most of the workout. Sometimes in going to the gym it is easy to wait a long time between sets or give yourself too much rest.

The next month changes up workouts for the two upper body lifting days. It will be fun to change things up!

Anything you want to know about the program so far? Ask me some questions!

6 thoughts on “P90x: month 1

  1. CourtStar @ StarSystemz

    P90x is CRAZY! I tried Insanity first and wished I had done P90x (not because its easier) but better as a starting point. The good thing about the program is you know that its ok if you are about to faint and you are not a failure or that you should give up, not sure how they did it, but it makes you want to work towards something! Excited to hear more about your journey! Love + Shine CourtStar

  2. Holly KN

    I actually know very little about the P90X system – Is it designed so that you repeat the same workouts every few days, at least a few times – or is every day a legitimately new workout?

    [I'm actually a little biased toward repetition, since I feel like it helps me better monitor my progress….]

  3. TorontoRunner

    Plyo workouts are INTENSE for me.
    Great review of month 1. It sounds as hard as I'd imagine it to be, but you're doing great!
    I'd definitely find it hard to keep up with doing it consistently, so way to go on that too!


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