Besides my daily workout, most week days I actually get in a small bonus workout…on my commute to work.
We are a one car family, and my husband needs the car most days to get to work. Luckily there is a bus I can take to campus, but it is a few miles from my house.  To get there, I ride my bike.

My husband likes to say that I do a mini triathlon every day. Haha. First I bike 2.5 miles, then I take the bus for 20 minutes, and finally I walk about 0.75 miles. And on the way home I do them all again! I’d say I get a bonus 25 minutes of biking and 20 minutes of walking most days.
I never count this as part of my workouts–just a little perk. I like that my commute forces me to move my body a little during the week since most of my time is spent sitting in front of a computer. Some of you are thinking this is pretty crazy and it probably wouldn’t work for everyone, but it has been working out pretty well for me for a couple years. I bike in all kinds of weather. Lately it has been pretty cold in the morning (~30 degrees) so I bundle up! In the rain, I put on a full set of gear – raincoat, rain pants, and a cover for my bag so all my stuff stays dry. I don’t think this is a commute that I would do forever, but at the moment I usually like it. Plus, on the bus I can read or take a nap.
Once in a while I will bike the whole trip, about 22 miles. But I have to be more prepared to do that.  The cool thing is that if I want to, I can just bike one direction and ride the bus back home since they have bike racks on them!
Funny side item: anyone a scientist? Have you seen the twitter feed #overlyhonestmethods? So hilarious!!
Anyone else bike or walk to work?

5 thoughts on “Mini-Triathlon

  1. AmyZ, PhD

    My absolute favorite thing about college campuses is how easy it is to commute by bike or public transportation. Definitely makes the day more interesting, active, and stress-free!

  2. Yum Runner

    Baaah! That twitter thing is funny. I'm not a scientist, but I am an academic, and some of those things are relevant to the more general class. I've always thought of commutes are drudgery, but you make it look like an adventure! How fun!

  3. Running Ginger

    I would love to live close enough to run or bike to work… I guess I could technically bike if you do 22 miles, but I would need a bike first. That is quite the commute though! I am very impressed with your resolve! I hardly have enough hours in the day as is, so I am glad my commute isn't a huge chunk of time.

  4. Kristen L

    Yeah — I don't do the 22 mile ride very often, but it actually doesn't take too much longer than my regular commute. Just a lot of work! And then I'm hungry all day. haha!


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