Getting in the Holiday Spirit

How was your weekend??

Mine was full of holiday cheer!

Of course, first I had to get in a run. Last week I had a dream about doing a 10 mile long run (yes, I seriously dreamt about it! guess I was really missing running!), but that just didn’t fit in with the busy day for Saturday. I did squeeze in a chilly but speedy 5-miler. It was actually really great run because I almost beat Ryan and did beat Matt back to our starting point — that never happens!

General run stats: mile 1 in 9:35, mile 2 took 9:03, mile 3 was 8:33, mile 4 8:09, and finished off with mile 5 in 7:58. Sweet! I actually passed both guys, but Ryan just couldn’t let me beat him! Haha.

Chilly morning, so I layered up. Compression pants and socks, and a long sleeve shirt

After the run, we packed up and headed to Reno, NV for the night. The drive out was a little snowy, but nothing too crazy. Mostly, I just loved seeing all the snow stuck to the trees.

We went to Reno for the Reno Santa Pub Crawl! So once we got there and checked into our hotel, we got all dressed up in our holiday gear, ready to run around the town.

It is quite the event with thousands of people showing up. We had heard of it this fall when the guys went to Reno for a trip, and saw the zombie crawl. Overall, it was a blast! So many fun costumes! Not only were there Santa’s all over the place, but there was also elves, reindeer, and even some Christmas tress. I don’t have a picture of it, but my personal favorite was a group of people who dressed up as a plate, cookies, and milk.

At midnight they try to get everyone to congregate at the Reno arch for a picture. This one is from last year:

from santa crawl website

We made it just in the nick of time! The crawl was definitely a blast! I’d love to go to it again next year if we can.

What did you do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Getting in the Holiday Spirit

  1. Running Ginger

    Sounds like a blast! I have not done any themed races yet, but I totally have them on my bucket list. I think running as a tree would be a it difficult though. I would probably have to come up with a costume that includes running tights somehow.


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