1st Day Back to Running

Today was officially my first run since the marathon. And it was GLORIOUS.

Over the weekend I dared to do a leg workout at the gym, and was surprised that I pretty much felt normal. Since then I have been itching to get in a running workout! But since a lot of my weekend was full of holiday parties and being lazy after said parties, I didn’t get a chance to until today. It seriously felt great to get my legs moving again. I did a progression run on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t usually like the treadmill too much (I get too hot!), but I kept the run pretty short and just tried to keep increasing my speed to keep it interesting.

Also, since it is already the middle of December, and I haven’t had a chance yet, I wanted to review my November goals & talk about December goals… or at least for the rest of the month.

November Goals
Run a strong, evenly paced 20 miler — met my goal pace for this race, but decided I needed to improve a little on pacing. Did much better at this (minus the wind!) at the turkey trot
Eat healthy through Thanksgiving in prep for marathon — also did ok with this. only ate too much pie on Thanksgiving Day.
Make a good salad at least once a week for lunch– was good about this except for maybe the last week. I think the holiday parties started and kept me away from the lunchtime greens.
Keep up with the yoga — did yoga at least once a week! actually, last week was the first week I haven’t done any yoga in a while. definitely getting back into it this week.
Enjoy your fun upcoming events with friends — had lots of fun with the Giro D’Vino, and Lake Tahoe for Thanksgiving

December Goals
Run my first marathon!
    Sub-goals for this race were: Don’t hit the wall, Finish!, Reach goal..finish under 4:25.
Don’t eat too many Christmas cookies –just pick one or two of your favorites.
Run when you feel like it, but at least keep getting to the gym (workout at least 3-4x/week)
Make the most of time with friends and family for Christmas

2 thoughts on “1st Day Back to Running

  1. Kristen L

    Yes! I'm totally trying to figure out my spring 2013 race schedule now — pumped about running!
    I love yoga. It definitely makes me feel stronger for running, and reminds me to stay focused.
    By the way…glad to hear you had a great time in NYC!


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