Davis Turkey Trot Half Race Goals

Tomorrow is the Davis Turkey Trot. I will be completing the half marathon distance race. As I start my taper, I need to be sure to get in a few more quality workouts. So for this race, want to have some good goals to achieve and keep me focused.

Turkey Trot Half Marathon Goals:
1) Start slow! I mentioned in my post about last week’s race that I started a little too fast. I would like to make myself practice starting slow at the race, and not let the race day excitement make me run to fast and cause a burnout.

2) Negative split, or maintain consistent pacing the whole race. Although I didn’t do too poorly at this my last race, I didn’t really do well either.  I really don’t want to burn out at the marathon. Practice makes perfect, so I’m going to practice this too!

3) Try to enjoy running in the rain. We haven’t had much rain for the past few months, so I haven’t really trained at all in the rain. I don’t mind the rain, but I’m just not used to it. So even though it will be cold and wet, I want to again be sure to have a good time. Weather is predicted to be 100% chance of rain at the race start!

For running in the rain, I just saw some tips by Aron from Runner’s Rambles. Some of the best tips, I think are:
– Wear a hat. It really helps keep the rain off our face and out of your eyes
– Don’t wear cotton. Sticking with wicking fabrics can really help a rainy run be comfortable. Cotton gets too heavy and you will really feel wet. Similarly, you might also want to avoid cotton socks. Wool socks are much better at keeping blisters away.
-Be careful not to overdress. It doesn’t always get cold when it rains, so keep an eye on the temperature before you go out. Wearing layers can help with this too.

I already did packet pickup (actually a friend got my stuff for me yesterday!), so I really just need to get to Davis and be at the start on time. By the way, the women’s tech t’s are pink! I’ve never seen a race with pink shirts, so that’s kind of fun. Or if you don’t like pink, the men’s tech shirts are an awesome maroon-ish red! Very fall colored. I kind of like that they are different colors.

Even though this is another training run for me, I always love the race environment. I’m looking forward to another fun race weekend!

2 thoughts on “Davis Turkey Trot Half Race Goals

  1. TorontoRunner

    Good luck tomorrow!!
    Those are great tips for running in the rain – the last time it rained a little,and I definitely way overdressed!

    I need to learn to MUCH better pace myself at the start.

    BTW, I've subscribed to your blog but have never got emails telling me about your new posts! 😦 I've always just been checking on the whim!

    Thanks for your comment today – None of my bestest fiends are married yet so I ALWAYS wonder how that will change things when it happens!


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