Night Running

Now that we have changed back the clocks and it is getting dark so much earlier, I have been starting to see my motivation slipping. Even getting home at 5:15 pm leaves me running in the dark. Yesterday I seriously struggled with getting out the door. When I finished the short jaunt of 3.5 easy miles at 5:45pm it was practically pitch black out already!

So, maybe it is time to start getting up early for morning runs while there are a few weeks of morning sun. At least the sun should help get me going a little. Sunny mornings always make me smile.

Sidenote: I have had a little head cold this week, which has also not helped my motivation. I’d much rather take a nap. Since I have a race this weekend, I’m going to keep my workouts pretty light and focus on getting to bed early. I’m already feeling much much better than I did over the weekend, so improving daily.

Today at my house it was nice and sunny! Some winter mornings in Northern California though are super foggy. 

Example: this was the ride in to work this morning:

It usually looks like this:

I guess winter really is coming. At least the cooler temperatures are so much better for running than the heat of the summer!

PS. There is less than one month until the Rock & Roll Las Vegas marathon!!  I am seriously getting excited! (can you tell?!?)

Do you run in the dark? How do you make sure you are easily seen by drivers and don’t trip on the sidewalk? My neighborhood has some street lights but not on every block and sometimes they are far apart. I could wear a headlamp. Does the light bounce all over when you run with a headlamp? Any night running tips you can share?

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