Tough Twenty-Two

After getting home late last night, I set my alarm for an early wakeup to get on the trail. I usually don’t mind the Saturday morning early run time, but after being away for most of the week, and not getting as much sleep as usual, I thought about sleeping in and saving the run for Sunday instead.

But… I decided I’d be able to enjoy the weekend more if I just got the run done and could relax the rest of the day. Ryan’s also away for a guys trip so I can lounge and watch chick flicks tonight.

I made it out to the trail by 8am (yeah, yeah — probably a little late, but the snooze button got me today… told you I was tired!), and got going right away. Right from the start I felt a little sluggish, but figured it was because of the lack of sleep and travel.

Usually when I run the American River Parkway trail, I sick with doing one out and back. Today I tried the route Ryan took last week — 4 miles one way and back, then 7 miles the other direction and back. I think, for me, this made the run more mentally tiring with thinking about when to turn around and passing by the finish point with 14 miles left to go!

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At mile 18, I was really starting to hurt — and by mile 20 I was seriously ready to be done running. It took all my willpower to keep going and I slowed way down. But… I finished! Longest training run for the R&R Las Vegas Marathon is officially in the books! Pace was overall quite a bit slower than last week’s run, but I’m just proud of myself for covering that distance.

Distance: 22 miles
Time: 3:58 (phew! so much time running!)
Average Pace: 10:52/mi

One good thing though — I didn’t get any chafing today around my sports bra! I tried moving my heart rate monitor strap down just a bit, moved to the next set of clasps on the chest band, and used a bunch of Body Glide. Lots of changes at once — but at least it seemed to work!

Only one more 20-mile run before the marathon. In two weeks I will be running the Clarksburg Country run historic 20 mile race (which has been going on since 1966!). My goal will be to try to maintain a good solid race pace to feel totally ready for Vegas.

Now that I have done lots of stretching, rested on the couch and watched the Project Runway Season Finale, and went for a walk with Raechel, I am feeling good! Love that the body can recover pretty quickly!

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