Upcoming Races: A Plan

Today is a rest day. Mostly because I have to work late, and also because my legs are feeling pretty dead from Monday’s leg day at the gym. Sometimes I forget how long it takes for the body to return to normal after a good hard workout. 

I’m looking forward to lunch with a friend today. After we eat, we’re getting cupcakes for dessert at Let Them Eat Cake! YES! How can you say no to cupcakes?!?

<– By the way, please again ignore the messy room behind me in this photo. I promise I will clean my house this weekend!

In running news, I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past week or so, but I will be running two half marathons in the next two weekends. I wanted to document some of my goals for these races here.

Urban Cow Half Marathon — Sacramento
This weekend, on October 7, I’ll be running the Urban Cow. The last half I ran in July didn’t quite go as well as I hoped, likely due to a lack in training as well as high heat, and possibly the first run I’ve done at night. For the Urban Cow, I want to make sure I run a good, solid race. This will include consistent pacing, and ideally a negative split.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon — San Francisco
On October 14th, I’ll also be running the Nike Women’s half. As a student I was able to guarantee registration way back in April at a discounted rate. For this run, my goal is to just have fun and enjoy the atmosphere. I haven’t had a chance to practice too many hills, besides on the treadmill so some areas of this race could be difficult.

I’ve noticed it seems like quite a few bloggers run with their camera or take photos with their phones on runs. I would like to use this race to try out taking photos while running, especially since I will be having fun and seeing SF at the same time. I’ve also never done a race of this distance with so many people! So, I’m interested to see what that’s like — especially on the hills!

Is anyone doing either of these races?

What’s the biggest race you’ve done? For me, the Run to Feed the Hungry significantly tops the charts. This is such a huge race for Sacramento’s Food Banks.

Anyone have tips on running with a camera or taking photos while running?

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Races: A Plan

  1. Meagan

    Hi! I found your blog on the comments section of SkinnyRunner.

    I don't really have a camera, but I run with my iPod in my SPIbelt to take pics. I'm horrible at taking pics on the fly though, so mine are usually blurry unless I just happen to be on a walk break/water stop.

  2. Kristen L

    Hi Meagan, Thank you for checking out my blog!

    I don't have a SPIbelt. Maybe I will have to check them out. Do you feel like your iPod bounces around or anything in it?

  3. Meagan

    Not really, I was kind of wary and argued with myself about buying one for like two years (because I'm cheap, even though they are only like 20 dollars!). I was pleasantly surprised by how well everything stays in place. I just ran a half marathon with it and I had a key, Honey Stinger gels and my iPod in there and nothing bothered me.


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