October Goals

First — the workouts

Sunday I took as a rest day because I got home at almost dinner time from my weekend retreat, and it was EXHAUSTED!
Monday was a legs and abs day at the gym with Ryan and Matt.
This morning I ran 4 miles at a pretty easy pace. My legs were definitely feeling the workout last night!

Now onto the real post…

I’ve decided I want to start up some monthly goals / recap posts. They may or may not be workout related, but I always like to have goals. (My Dad always likes to say that I even had a goal for how tall I wanted to grow when I was a kid. Btw, it was 5’7″… I didn’t make it. Haha!)

Miles ran: 79
Number of runs over my previous longest-ever distance: 3
Bike rides in new jerseys: 1
Workouts done at the gym: 10.. totally opposite from the previous few months where all were done at home

October Goals
Really enjoy the Nike Women’s Half Marathon experience. Try carrying a camera to take photos!
Get in a 20-miler by the end of the month
Go on an trip with Ryan to Napa
Put a focus on networking on your Dallas trip. Get business cards! Bring your resume!
Do yoga once a week. Make it a priority in your schedule with new school year starting.

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