Keeping my hair back

Workout last night:
Ran on Treadmill
5.0 miles / 49 mins
1.0 incline

Did a treadmill interval workout. After a warmup, completed 1 x 400m, 4 x 800m @ 8:34/mi, then cooldown. I was going to do a couple more intervals, but Ry was done with his workout so it was time to go.

What I wore:

Please don’t mind the messy office/guest room behind me. Also, note to self — get a better full length mirror!

These awesome shorts from Athleta. Seriously so comfortable and lightweight. And a black tank I purchased at Bob’s Stores a few years ago. And my Brooks Ravenna2 shoes, of course (sorry you can’t see them in my photo)!

My hair was going a bit crazy in the middle of the run, so I think it’s time to invest in some kind of hair band. Outside I’ve been wearing a visor on my runs, and that helps, but seems weird to wear one at the gym. Skinnyrunner says she loves BIC Bands — maybe I’ll try one of those.

I SOOO needed a good workout last night. Stuff at work has been a little overwhelming / annoying / stressful lately so I was feeling restless and stressed. I think getting a good sweat in really helped. Then I had a glass of red wine and chocolate after dinner. Yum.

Anyone else have a headband they recommend?

What helps you the most after a stressful day?

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