A side-dose of yoga

I have quite a few athletic interests outside of running including cycling, weight training, and yoga.

I don’t belong to a yoga studio, but my gym (24 hour fitness) has a seriously ROCKIN’ yoga instructor that I absolutely love!

I’ve been doing yoga for almost 2 years now at the gym. I usually attend just once a week, but it seriously calms me and stretches/relaxes my sore muscles from other training. It keeps me balanced. For a few weeks over the summer I wasn’t able to attend, and I definitely felt thrown off by it. When I can’t make it to the gym, I often try to fit in a day of P90x yoga instead.

Right now I’m working on getting into headstand . I can do it when my hands are in a tripod type formation instead of the way shown in this photo. But I am seriously {this close}. Right now every time I try, I end up leaning back too far and rolling over. So soon though I think!

Yesterday, instead of a running workout I went to yoga, then did a chest, triceps, shoulders workout at the gym afterward with Ryan and another friend. I think its important to me to do other athletic activities besides just running.

What activities do you do besides run? Or do you just stick with running every day?

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