Running to music

I don’t run with music. I’m not really sure why — probably because I would just get annoyed by cords, and would rather get lost in my own thoughts. I think a lot of people are surprised when I tell them I don’t listen to music on runs — especially on my long runs alone. Instead I try to amp myself up in the car on the way to the trail!!

This week is a step-back week for me, after 3 straight weeks of increasing my long run distance. Coincides with a good time because I have to go away this weekend for school. Then, the next two weeks I’m doing half marathons. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea to schedule so many races in the middle of marathon training! Guess I won’t be getting another actual long run in  for a while –oops!

Other randomness of the weekend — went to the Aftershock Energy Concert yesterday in Discovery park. Chavelle and Bush were super awesome!

Also, I ate a lot of delicious food this weekend. Checked out Sandra Dee’s BBQ on Friday night, and Pete’s Pizza & Brewhouse after my long run on Saturday nigh. So awesome!

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