Marathon Training

I mentioned in my last post that I’m training for my first marathon. I’m not using any particular plan like Hal Higdon or Run Less Run Faster — kind of making it up as I go along. I know that type of training doesn’t work for everyone, but so far with my other races it has worked out for me.

Since I have had those knee issues in the past, I’m always worried running 5 days a week would be too much. Of course, I realize it is important to get the miles in to be able to cross that finish line in a few months.

So far I’ve worked my way up to a 17-mile long run. This weekend I’ll go 18. Being over 2 months away from the marathon, I think things are going really well!

By the way — I think the “Strip at Night” theme is pretty great.

Anyone else going to be in LV for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon? I’ve heard mixed reviews on it the past few years, but the race organizers say this year will be much better!

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